Resilience of Job Loss and Advent of New Work

The resilience of job loss is not an easy one. Job defines a person and is not just a mode of earning income but for some it is also important to satisfy the definition of a person. Though there are other definitions for self-employed people. World is going through turbulent times in terms of professional stability. Job markets have become unstable with thousands of jobs being lost in name of cost cutting. While all these job cuts that came in news were form big tech companies, and the small companies job cuts no one calculated. In this article you shall read that on one side is job loss but on other side one must think of advent of new work.

Yes, to get over job cut whatever be the source is not easy. We invest our lives in our jobs, it’s not just our time we put in our jobs, we put in our souls, dreams and hard work in our career. When the job is lost, whatever be the reason, there is a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. How to get over this, in those moments becomes difficult to deal with. But one must not forget that, if one job is taken over ten more are created, all we need is retraining and HOPE, hope that we would fit in the new profile.

How to find a new profile and new job? The first thing is getting ready that we need a new job or a new business. DECIDE. Decide what you want after some days or weeks of getting over the resilience of job loss. You have to come out of it, there is no other way. Some of you may take a few days, such as those who were mentally ready and are opportunists and those who can’t accept it, those who loved their jobs more than anything are now in a sink of the ocean, they may need some time to get out of it and they need to BELIEVE that they would succeed. They need to know the next step is waiting for the advent of a new job.

Many jobs are closing by but have a look many new jobs are opening up. You must have not forgotten a lot of jobs for Textile Engineers were lost due to the computerization of design processes, but at the same time new jobs came in. Today so many new jobs have opened up, many in AI itself. It’s not that all jobs are closing down. No, many are opening up. But these jobs need retraining. Hence, it is a request to the companies to take the experienced people on jobs and prefer them to starters, give them crash courses and short training to be employable.

YES, short trainings and on job courses is what experienced people may need to be employed again. This way big companies can help the people who are in a jobless state now, as well as know these people are experienced and more educated talent pool. If you say job cuts are the new norm then re-employment is the complementary norm to it. Let’s take them all together and move ahead. Another portfolio is self-employment, this can be taken into account anytime by people. We wish you get support in all these measures when you want.

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