Pluggable Subjects for Schools and Universities

#education #school #university Note: The article appears on authors other social media account as well. Things are moving at high speeds with newer technology, new subjects, new topics, and new inventions. Subjects such as Quantum Computing, AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, AR, VR, digital arts, video editing and even Robotics to name a few areContinue reading “Pluggable Subjects for Schools and Universities”

AI based Robots Teaching in School, Colleges and Universities

Given higher education have become very expensive. A lot of savings of time, finances and resources can be attained if repetitive things can be taught by an AI based robot. This will help in saving expenses of teaching repetitive concepts by saving the load of teachers and faculty members. These are the main points: RepetitiveContinue reading “AI based Robots Teaching in School, Colleges and Universities”