Sumptuous Brinjal Fry Mix!

Here is a way to eat the iron rich brinjal. It is ready to eat with any bread in just 3 simple steps! Serve it Hot!

Ingredients: Two onion, two tomatoes, one brinjal, spices, oil.


  • Clean a brinjal of moderate size
  • Heat it directly on the burner
  • Keep changing sides
  • Make sure full brinjal is heated on burner
  • Check by putting a fork in brinjal. Fork should fully and easily go inside the brinjal. This shows brinjal is ready
  • Take it off the burner
  • Take outer cover of brinjal
  • Wash it
  • Mash the brinjal


  • Heat oil as per taste in fry pan
  • Put a pinch of cumin in hot oil
  • Chop two onions and put it in this fry pan without burning cumin to black
  • Fry till onions golden in shade


  • Now put one finely chopped tomatoes in frying pan
  • Put salt, chilli and spices as per taste. It comes in market as mixture in a packet of ready to use vegetable Spices.
  • Mix and fry the mixture
  • Put the mashed brinjal in pan
  • Mix it well and thoroughly so that the mixture is even
  • Once it is fully steamed
  • The dish is ready to be served hot!

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