~Cabbage-Carrot Fried Mix for a Low Calorie High Nutrition and Delicious Lunch for Diet Freaks~

Many times we want to eat nutritious vegetables but it becomes quite mundane to eat same things daily especially uncooked vegetables. So here is a way to eat delicious food – full of vegetables and just little oil + no other carbohydrates ! Just Vegetables, Spices and Taste!

It can be taken as it is — if you are on diet or you may stuff it in in a burger or any kind of bread !


Here are the ingredients for Cabbage-Carrot Fried Mix

  1. Two chopped onions, One chopped tomatoes, finely chopped cabbage-half, three small greenish tomatoes (if available, otherwise put normal tomato), finely chopped carrot (one)
  2. Grinded garlic and ginger as per taste
  3. Spices as per taste


  1. Take few spoons full of cooking oil in frying pan–as per taste – I took 4 spoons
  2. Heat the oil
  3. Put half table spoon of cumin and half table spoon black pepper
  4. Put chopped onions in pan and fry till it turns slightly golden
  5. Put chopped tomatoes in it
  6. Keep it moving and put water in it and let tomatoes become soft


  1. Put chopped cabbage in frying pan
  2. Put salt, red chilli, other spices as per taste
  3. Put chopped ginger and garlic as per taste
  4. Mix it and put water in it
  5. Heat it and put grinded carrot in pan
  6. Heat it till cabbage and carrot becomes soft
  7. Keep putting water and moving the mixture in pan
  8. Keep lid of pan closed for better effects


  1. Once vegetables are soft as per taste needed, cruncy, or mashed up or super soft.
  2. Dry the pan by evaporating the water by heat
  3. Once dried, the fried mix is ready to eat
  4. Take it in bowl and mix coriander leaves on it
  5. Serve it hot

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