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Endless Wait
this wait seems endless
there is an end to every story
but for me it is an endless story….

I run in the lands of aspirations, pray in river of faiths and I ask for you from the valley of desires for the oceans of inspirations boost my trust
I search here and there, everywhere
for you
and you are not here yet

i can feel your force
but you are hiding i heard it well from clouds of inspiration, a better wait means the best rewards
i take it like that on these solo paths, not afraid, not lonely, not needy, but need your love to enrich my every heart beat
Not tired but your company will change my world… you can hide in a cave or forest…….. wherever you are
One day we will meet and this will be forever for i have heard from the snow that waiting is worth thousand pains

i can feel your attraction
i can walk a million more miles and my spirit never loses hopes of you, searching you for
miles and miles
i can walk, run or fly in the skies of hopes
And sing for you in the galaxy of stars
for I have to find you my love

There may be turmoil’s, be it any,
i will ask them to be kind from the clouds of dreams, and direct them meet you

there may be whirlwind
I would ask the sands of courage to take me to you,
you can pacify it Man,
there may come a typhoon But I won’t stop, as the flowing water taught me to keep going
The rain drops asked me
what I look for
I tell them my perfect Man, my  Man , my Man send by God

This Endless Wait
this wait seems endless
there is an end to every story, but mine is an endless story with you
I want you my Man, the one send for me by God
please bring an end to this wait
I know you shall bring this to a happy beginning to my endless story
for I believe in my GOD
and so I believe in you…

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