Loving you In Imagination to Reality

Loving you In Imagination to Reality

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You are not near

And my love won’t stop by stopping

I love you in my imaginations

Which is a mystery space, a mystic place

Ever since all my beginnings

On all forms of the warmth–

I love you in this beautiful world of my imagination

You are not here

But distance doesn’t matter,

for those who love

I love you in there every night–

through the tunnels to all the new beginnings

Who says you can’t love in dreams

I love you in my dreamlands

for all the reasons possible

In my dreams,

I adore you

for all the high and low shots

You may feel or not

but I feel it,

When I hug you

In my thoughts in deep sleep

on all the surfaces

You may not hear it, when I call you

Look there in my imagination—

I fall down on to your feet’s

Until doors blocking my voice to you opens up

You may not talk to me now,

But I call to you in that mystery place

And in my imagination,

I will love you—

till the meaning of end changes to start

till the meaning of separation changes to union

Yes,  you would be loved forever in this place

There, I love you beyond  explanations

Beyond temptation

And much ahead of time

And here,

I will make my imagination a reality,

To stay with us forever…………

One day

Yes One day—-It will be a reality

A reality to live forever

In this world from that world……

And from that world to this

Which will be one–One day


Loving you In Imagination to Reality

I am Loving you In Imagination to Reality

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