Like a red rose bud

I open my feathers

Like a scented morning

I lie up in roses

I look like rose

I smell of rose

I glow like rose

When its you –I am with

Roses roses all around me

I have rose

Air has Rose

Land has Rose

Sky has Rose

All colored roses

All around me

When it is you— I m in love with

The dew on my rosed body

makes me shy

My lips turns blood red

And thousand more rose grow all around me

Each new bud define a new love

Our every new talk is a another new love

a new petal, a new rose

an unexplored feeling

an unconquered emotion

a cherished desire

Between you and me

Between Me and you

I change my color

To the shades of red

To the shades of pink

For all the shades of love

That our love shines in

And when you attract me

Through the petals

I spread my rose scent

Wherever they fall

Put some petals in a crystal glass

The rose water

Feel the taste

Feel the scent

Feel the touch on any rose

Feel me — I am your rose

I am your red rose when I blush in front of you

I am your pink rose when you touch me

I am your golden rose when you smell me

I am peach when you preach me

I am blue when you speak

I am white rose when we you say you love me

And I am a colorful rose when we one for eternity

Put me in water

Let my petals spread

Let me shine back

The lights of our love to the world below the water

And one over it

Let my petals fly in air

Let my wings flow with river

Let me fly

Just don’t let me dry

Let me blossom

Let them come

From butterflies to bees

To make some honey

For you to taste

The taste of my buds

The touch of my petals

They all will be with you

For times to come

Like a rose I shine

When you see me

In my reflection

In me

In the mirror

You adore me

Send this love in the world behind the mirror you look in

You will always find a rose

A red rose

A yellow rose

And all colors of rose possbile

As out love grows

They are the shades of love

They shades of us

They are my shades

They are your shades

They are the shades of our love

The petals are our love

Let them fly

To all the distant places

Let they know

We are in love

As long as we love

These roses will tell our tales

the tales our of stories

Our love and desires

Of the pains and sorrows

We went to

But love never said No

The happiness and joy

The laughs and cries

The sun and moon

The mornings and daylights

The nights and evenings

All tell the tales

Till we love

Like a rose we ll love

Like a rose we ll live

We shine in love

Till we grow again

With the petals we spread

All the love me make

All the joy we share

We share through the water we touch

Through the air we breathe

I am a rose

be my petal

Lets be in love

Petal over petal

Bud under bud

Be one rose from two

And shine in love

In all the colors of rose

Till we become all colored rose

Be it vibrant

Be it earthy

All colors

That reflect our shades of love

Like a rose we love

Like a rose we spread our love

Wherever the petals go

wherever the stories take

Like a rose I shine in your love

Like a rose we love

Like one rose we are one

Full and complete

Is our love

Like a rose we loved

Like a rose we love

Like a rose we ll love

For the times that went by

And for the times that comes by

Like a rose I love you

Like a rose you love me

In all the colors of our love

In all the shades of light

Like a rose we love

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