Fumes from Your Love Melting

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To Fumes, I am turning to

Stop this gaze

Its melting my soul

Its getting in my spirit

Though my body that you touch

To the fumes I am converting to

Fumes that cant hurt

Fumes that cant burn

Fumes that are so soft

Fumes that are so smooth

Fumes that care, Fumes that heal

Fumes of beauty and dream

All fumes are not to hurt

These fumes are to love

Look up in sky oh my dear

You will see all the beautiful fumes

Dancing in spaces –yes up there in Skies!

They are fumes of love, fumes of desires…

fumes of all there is—-care to shower!

But ohh my dear lover….

Don’t ever stop this gaze

Cos even if I don’t say

I dream to be aspired you my man

Let me turn to fumes

Fumes of desire

Cherished through our love

Let our love spread

These are not fumes of ash

But Fumes of love

Fumes of passion

and Fumes of our joyous times together

Yes all that we had together

When my heart like a candle melt

The beautiful aroma of this love

You can smell it all around you

Hear from a pure heart

Smell from a desired urge

Its just love and love

That is all around us

Ask the cosmos to fill in the wax which I burn

When we love

The wax of love

The candle is our temple

A place to worship

What we call LOVE!

Oh my love—

The fumes of my love are translucent

Still you can see them

Look up in sky

The purple fumes

Our love blended up in stars

To mix and fix

Towards a happier times

Look a little more higher

You see them turn

Back to Flowers–The wax of love, I need to melt again

In your love, In our love

Up in space

from where it came

Messenger of love

To sparkle our lives

To melt our hearts

And to turn back to fumes

of love

As their Mission Accomplished !

Task done well

For these were flowers from space

to burst in our hearts

With beats unexperienced

With heart rythyms unheard

With amazing smells and tastes

In the daily things we do

Things we never noticed around exits

As wax in candles of our hearts

Always filled up to brim

Never does our candles of love


It keeps melting

And I melt to become the fumes

The love we have

There thy go –the fumes

Up in sky

Back again

To where thy came from

To lighten our lives

with all the brightness

they had to offer

They are love droplets from up from space

I ask for more

More love

More joy

I ask thy Sky

To shower back more

Such flowers

More such droplets of wax

in the candles of my heart

For I want to melt more and more in

your gaze

For I want to turn back to fumes

the fumes of desire

And go back up in space

For I want to turn them to

fumes again

when I melt in our love

when I melt in his love

to fumes

Fumes that dont smell like ash

But Fumes all around that is much more than the best perfume

the scent of love

is the best in world

keep coming back

the raw material of the bricks of love

I like to melt these concretes

back to serene fumes

and send them

tell them

the stars and the moon

yes listen to me –the stars and the moon

the planets and cosmos

I wanna tell them back

that I am in love

for the fumes

will tell them

I am in love

melting in fumes

for the love they emit

they emit the love in skies

through the light it comes

and I trap as much as I can

to give him

my man

all my love

the fruits you grow

the fruits of love

oh my cosmos, I absorb them well

to keep melting more and more as candles

in the temple of our love

to sparkle in desire

the fumes I give back

the golden and brown

the red and yellow

the blue and grey

the purple and green

thy dance in the sky

when we love

the fumes that fly when we love

let them dance

let them go back

let them tell the stars

we are in love

love is all there is up there

not just us

its my friends love too

let us all love

for the glittering space agents

send us love

to be melted by her

by him, her man!

to cherish the feelings of joys

from the gifts from Skies

All the Skies

To the fumes I send back

All I melt to

The love I got from him

The fruits of love that we ate from up above

For love we spread

For love we live

To the fumes I go

back to tell

To tell the universe

Love is there

All around us!

To the skies as red, blue, green ..

white, yellow……and sparkles

All the fumes in all its scents

In the mornings and evenings

in the passionate nights

and desperate days

To fumes I am melting

Let me melt

To fumes I am turning

To be fumes of scent is my desire

To be fumes of beauty is my dream

To be fumes of brightness is my ambition

To be fumes of love is my ultimate aim

Fumes of my love for my man

Fumes of her love for him

Fumes made by melting

the love bubbles in me

Melting like candles in me

I want to melt in his love

To beautiful fumes I want to see

Our love in skies

Melt me like a candle

The candle is in my heart

Oh my love

Melt me –melt the candle in my heart

To Fumes of beauty

To fumes of love

To fumes of desire

To fumes of passion

Up in sky

Lets see them there——–

Our love

Their love

Everyone’s love

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