Desire To Succeed

Desire to succeed

Lies deep within you

It’s in each cell you own,

In each breath of your

Just find it

If not fully clear

Get the hazy desires of yours

In each heart beat

Lies a desire

A desire to do the best

The best that you can

Keeping the time frame

In mind

They won’t mind

If you say you are aiming high

As high as skies in your stars

Yes, just that yours and mine

Reach of skies are different

Your sky may be high

Your desires a little higher

But don’t forget to mix

Youth with it

Time in it

Desire is one

Time is another

Youth the third

Keep them all in head

While you choose

The best for you

Desire to succeed

Lies deep within you

It’s in each nerve of yours,

In each heart-beat of yours

Just acknowledge your desires

If not fully, partially for now

Just don’t miss out youth

Stay tuned to time

Time can wait

Youth can’t

And keep desiring

Hirer and hirer

As time flows

Let your desires flow

Dream a pinch higher on each

Step upstairs

On each victory

Celebrate it

Cherish the accomplishments

Value the time

Don’t miss out on sleep

On the floors of victory

Don’t forget to laugh

Let you smile

On the podium of wishes

Don’t stop

Let you wish

In each breath you take

Desire, wish, aspire

For it is needed to give

You a picture of your future

A future little brighter than today

A future much more colorful than yesterday

Think little higher

Buy a richer and fuller desire

For you own this dream

The dream to live

As the best you can

The most you want

Shall one day

Come to you

Just hope for desire to succeed

And count the blessings

Watch the dream come true

Work the best you can

If not today

Tomorrow you shall get

Or day after you may own

The success

Wanted by your desire to succeed

Desire to succeed

Lies deep within you

It’s in each move you own,

In each step of yours

Just recognize it


If no, do it tomorrow

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