Rose Cookies and Rose Filled Cookies – Both with Oil and Without Oil – No Baking Agents Used (Freshly grinded Rice Flour Used)

Ingredients: Rose Preserve (See my other article, how to create Rose Preserve, in case you want to review, it’s a simple 10-minute thing), raw dehusked rice 1 cup, half tea cup of refined flour/wheat flour, 2 spoon of oil [optional] – That is it!

Caution: See, if you can consume Rose.

Here is recipe made by me, to make Rose Cookies, there are two kinds of Rose Cookies I have explained in this article – (1) The Rose Cookies with the rose flakes and (2) The Rose Cookies with processed sweetened Rose as a stuffing’s in the cookies, a kind of Rose Treat!

Both of these can be made in both ways (1) Oil-Free and (2) In mild Oil, very mild oil is used in this recipe. No butter no sugar is required, as the processed rose is preserved in sugar only. 

Further, I didn’t have oven or even grill. Those with oven or grill can innovate even better. 

Note: These are my recipes here, you can alter to your requirements, you may add sugar in case you like more sweeter cookies, I liked this much of sweetness only, the amount in the processed Rose I had.

Rice makes cookies crunchy and refined flour/wheat flour is needed to make rice flour stick together to make good cookies. And why Rice, Rice is rich in nutrients and prevents many diseases which happen because of lack of certain vitamins, such as vitamin B12.

Step 1. Take one bowl of Rice Grains, dehusked. 

Step 2. Put this rice in a bigger bowl and fill it with water. Move the rice in water, so that the dust comes to the top of the water, remove this water and fill in more water. Repeat this process, till water becomes transparent. This shall clean off all mud/dirt form the rice. 

Step 3. Remove the water from the last wash. 

Step 4. Put this wet rice in mixture grinder to mix it to make a refined thing out of it, form which we need to make a dough.

Step 5.  Grind this and open the grinder and see the mixture, you can taste a pinch of it, its raw rice comes in taste, time to add some more water in it, may be two table spoon of water and grind it again. Even if you add little extra water, there is no rocket science in it. Why? As we need to make a dough out of it and in anyways need to mix refined flour/wheat flour in it in order to keep up the elasticity. 

Step 6. Grind it for one minute now, it should look like milk now, thick milk. You can put a spoon in it and see, and even taste it, it should not be coarse in taste. 

Step 7. Add one fourth cup of refined flour/wheat flour, even a little more if needed to make a dough. 

Step 8. Add 3 spoon of rose preserve/sweetened-heated rose, [as in my other article, see my articles-in taste buds section] 

Step 9. Mix it with a spoon, mix well, add more flour if it is the mixture not as dense as a typical dough.

Step 10. Mix well.

Step 10. Prepare a dough, I make a not very tight dough, it is up to you, I mixed it in dry flour while rolling it to make a bread.

Step 11. Take a part of dough, put it on slab and roll it, that is spread it.

Step 12. Spread it more.

Step 13. Cut in shape you like. Here I cut it in four parts.

Step 14. Put this on dry heated pan, with no oil. Keep flipping sides till this is heated well, that is turn brownish and cooked.

Step 15. Let us take some more dough and try more shapes. 

Step 16. Roll it and expand it.

Step 17. Cut in the shapes od Rose Cookies you want. You can cook it in oven as well.

Step 18. See the pan now, keep flame heat slow, let them cook slowly.

Step 19. Try more shapes, here are rounds.

Step 20. Heat them on pan, with no oil.

Step 20. Oil free Rose Cookies are ready. Keep them aside, all of the stocks you made.

Step 21. Time for Rose Stuffed Cookies. Take some more Rose – dough.

Step 22. Roll this dough on slab or break in few smaller parts and expand with hand of hands only to small shapes.

Step 23. Fill these with sweetened rose preserve. 

Step 25. Close these now, one by one, so that rose preserve is well inside the small rose preserve, making it look like an uncooked cookie.

Step 26. Do it for all other parts as well. Close them all.

Step 28. Heat  2 spoon of oil in a frying pan, expand the oil in the pan to make sure oil is well coverd on full pan.

Step 29. Slowly put these stuffed Rose Cookies on Pan to be cooked.

Step 30. Flip the sides, and you may press it slightly with a spatula to make sure it is cooked well.

Step 30. Filp sides again and it shall be ready quickly as this is heated with hot oil. Take it off in a plate, in the pan is some oil left, put the oil-free cookies in this pan and move it, not extra oil is needed. You can do this if you want greecy cookies, else eat the oil free as explained above.

Step 31. Time to take them to serve. Its ready can be taken hot or cold, and the are sweet, as Rose preserve is sweet, in case you want more sweetness you may add sugar.

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