Fumes, from Your Love Melting

Here is my poem on Fumes, from your love, and here it is sung in my own voice, available on my YouTube Hobby Channel.

To Fumes, I am turning to

Stop this gaze

Its melting my soul

It’s getting in my spirit

Though my body that you touch

To the fumes I am converting to

Fumes that can’t hurt

Fumes that can’t burn

Fumes that are so soft

Fumes that are so smooth

Fumes that care, Fumes that heal

Fumes of beauty and dream

All fumes are not to hurt

These fumes are to love


Look up in sky oh my dear

You will see all the beautiful fumes

Dancing in spaces

Yes up there in Skies!

They are fumes of love,

fumes of desires…

Fumes of all there is

Care to shower!

Published by Nidhika

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