LoveBook2. Some words to speak, before the sunset

Here is the song in my own voice, some words to speak before the sunset.

Sorry it’s not on YouTube yet as I don’t know how to covert the audio file to mp4, via a virus free free software.

This song, I spoke with of headphone this time, and recorded it on my phone. The earlier ones were all recorded on laptop with headphones. What a difference of using a phone. While the high tech laptop performed so badly in recording my recent voice. Now, my voice looks like shrieking when I recorded on my high tech laptop, high tech laptop as as I am a tech and AI person. So, I thought to try on my phone. And it came out well, as long as it is not corrupted. The first song Rose I sang and the yesterday song voice was of different intensity, now some disturbing notice also started coming. So using phone. No more time today.

Here is the song all in one go, with no practice, in 5 minutes only. If anyone can help in converting this audio file to YouTube format, via virus free softwares, plz msg. I shall upload it on YouTube. Anyways keep checking my YouTube hobby channels, as I am sure I can upload it on YouTube in may be when I get sometime. Take care everyone. Stay safe.

Some words to speak, before the sunset


Some unspoken words

Some unfinished drinks,

Some unread messages,

Some flowers to smell,


Certain breaths to take,

Many texts to write,

Some more lessons to teach,

Some poems to read,


Certain knowledge to share,……

Full song, in my poem book – LoveBook2 available online.

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