My Song – Let me be your one day queen

Here is the song in my voice, as an audio file.

As I told you phone recording this is:

Let Me be Your One Day Queen

Just for one day,

Let me to be your queen

A queen of your dreams

Near your heart

Just one day queen

Is all I ask


Every night

One day queen

A day on a stretch

Each day, your queen

Just let me be

Let me be your one-day queen

Yesterday, I was your queen

Today, queen of your heart

Tomorrow, the queen of your soul,

The day after I will be the queen of your spirits

…..full song in my lovebook3 online.

Here is short link to this song on Twitter

Here is the link of this song on YouTube, however, the video version of song is not that good. I told you my high tech laptop got weird after such good recording of 4 songs and many lecture recordings.

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