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Note: I added that YouTube on Moses Code, in my last article to emphasise what Moses code is, and not really checked the sounds in it then. I didn’t referred the sounds, I meant the power of words “I am, That. I am.” My personal healing sounds and meditation I referred are from Dr Steve as given below, one such link.

Note choosing a right tone to hear effects the spiritual side of us, viz the spirit.

I started it in 2015, with books, then instrumental sounds, so on…

Here are my personal meditation catalogues. However, I don’t need any more meditations as my soul is healed well now. Connection to spiritual side needs healing of humanly existence, hence healing of body. Brain and mind are two different things, note one is part of body other I consider as part of my spiritual existence, your views may be different. Ask, a subject matter expert in spiritual studies to understand more. These are my own understanding, as a part of healing, and self awakening process.

The power of word “I am…That…I am”. That is it. These words are enough to bring in energy. I relied on the healings sounds, meditations,…by Dr. Steve G Jones. I highly recommend his preachings. However, follow his instructions.

Once affected, we as in human form need healing, so as to connect our human body and souls to our spirits to guide our minds well.

I took Dr Jones healing sounds that have the word I am that I am, in it. Word “that” here to be replaced by blessed, ….. These words refer to prayer to god. Think of water, dew, clouds with it. Believe you shall get what you want! I used many kind of healing sounds, birds, water, air


I am his, I am

I am worthy, I am

I am bright, I am

I am blessed, I am

I am loved by thou, I am

I added that YouTube on Moses Code, in my last article to emphasise what Moses code is, and not really checked the sounds in it then. However, that earlier soundtracks, was like not that pleasant to me as much as tracks by Dr Steve. I liked some instruments pure sounds sung to right tunes.

Even the German word Ich is known in studies as well…. More on it sooner…including the books I read very soon.

Have a blessed day, everyone.

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