Understand from the experienced, wait for your time to give fruits, let the plant mature to tree

The post explains why it is important to understand from the experienced. The following was a post very active on LinkedIn, I take it as an example to tell, that ask, those who have seen more in this area. Area excepts or subject matter experts as they are called.

The people who took her lover should know, there was some reason you took him, and she may be his partner in crime. Thinking out of box helps to understanding things at times. The first impression on mind of the person who said this – was a part of his experience in life, his sensitive emotions and his background, hence ask experienced seniors when in doubt. What the person wrote was his impression of his mind, his mind may be unaware of many more things, but he thought of it as she did for lover, you don’t know this, what her lover did the crime for… Seek the truth from experienced in such cases. Why experienced person, as they have seen more, solved more such cases, been in constant handling of such cases, hence can tell more that too with explanations. Simply as they know more than a young person just out of college, who have not seen, fought in life as much as experienced person has. Nothing to feel bad youngsters, you shall be learned too, with time, have patience, fruit of tree can’t be grown just in one day of seed sowing.

What is shown here, is not acceptable in any place. This is not the way to win anything. This is not a way, this seem like open terrorism, in name of youth. Young girls should be spared from mess then.

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