Right there in that star, oh my love

There you see that star

My heart is with you

Give back ❤️

It shines white

But when in love with her

He sparkles colours of vividity

There is his house

Right onto there

Right there in that star

When she goes to meet him

In his star, right there in his star

We are one but not two

There it rolls up and down

There that shines purple and red

There it shimmers

And here it shines

Up and down

As it rotates

It revolves

And here it spins

And, he is not letting her go back

Ever again

Never again

And they shine, hop and they flock

Love and shine

Brighter and a shade lower, a shade higher

Then back to fights, that she want to go back

What but the demon in her loves to fight

For he have stolen a red gem ❤️ from her

Which is her heart

And he refuses to give it back

What a thief you are, she says to him

What a women you are, he says to her

Stay, little longer,

Now, don’t talk to me

Give back my heart ❤️

Stay one more day, every day

Stay one more week, every week

Stay one more year, every year

Oh my love,

Your heart is mine,

And can’t be given back

Says he, my man

In that star

Right there in that star

Oh my

Published by Nidhika

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