Shirt buttons and holding praise emotions in professional work

This is what I read today morning. And all these, I had my viewpoints on this topic ever since long. These are things I have noticed that distracts. I agree, to her, in workplace, holding emotions to be taught as a training exercise.

Well, LinkedIn is social media, it’s like you can’t put rules on friends in office cafeteria on what they talk. But yeah, let’s have rules, on boardrooms, professional meetings and work dress codes.

Here are some of my proposals to support this message in workplace.

—- Holding emotions to be taught in professional works as a mandatory training to end all these comments.

— Even I don’t like to be called dear, use word respected instead.

1. Buttons of shirt well closed to cover any show off in formal or business meetings, non cleavage showing dresses in any formal meeting.

In case no buttons in formal dress, and cleavage line is visible. Then tank tops, or spaghetti tops, or undershirts or vests can be worn below the dress to hide in any distractions at work place. These undershirts for women are available in all colours, all shades and all all neck types as well, viz. round shape, v-shaped,…so on.

2. No more deep necks too in professional work. Wearing of coats over any colored or shiny or glittering eye catching dress in business meetings to maintain the grey blue work culture.

3. Some colours are not business friendly only non distracting colors for business talks. These colours are not masculine but non distracting colors for business talks. Business meetings professionalism are things to be focused on.

4. Business meetings professionalism are things to be focused on.

5. LinkedIn is a just social media.

6. What about board rooms, formal and informal work meetings.

7. I was once so schocked young girl was wearing deep neck in an all male formal meeting.

8. Why to look that way in business meeting. Close the shirt buttons. #closetheshirtbuttons

9, Holding of emotions to express praise to be taught in work cultures then.

10. Complement which are non intrusive should be health healthy. For example “Good morning you are looking fresh and happy today”. Stay cheerful and have a nice day.

11. If someone sees a unusual thing like a “polar bear” in office ? Marijn Markus hairs are unusual thing, any one can exclaim at, but yeah we must learn hold on emotions in professional worlds.

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