Accomplishing a Goal  – Personified Recipe

Ask and you shall get it Versus Power of Subconcious Mind Versus Law of Attraction

Here are my views on three measures, these are not mutually exclusive, and some do cross in others boundaries.

Have a goal, want to achieve it? Read self-help books and motivational books? Before following a theory, want to relook? Yes, this is an article for one to rethink the approach of whom you ask – Self, some Universal Powers or law of Attraction based Visualization! After reading many books, this article answers which treaty, must one Follow? For this article, you wont need to read many books. Here is the summary. Let us first discuss what is the first point in argument, this is about, whom to ask, who shall deliver what one asks? Is it just law of attraction or the power of the universe granting you,  what one seeks? And is it granted actually? Yes, with some hard work for sure and some get trapped in midway, this can be explained by blocked Energies. And note, not all miracles happen in one day time, not all goals are finished in one week time, some goals are short termed and other goals needs time. The personification shall be discussed in subsequent article.


Let’s us understand so that a Personified version of a goal can be taken by different people. That is to say, for all law of attraction may not work, for some asking bigger powerful as Universe works, and for many just putting in brains and using the subconscious mind work is enough.


The popular ways to achieve goals as per written texts in various books are as follows.

Ask and It Shall Be Given


The Subconscious Mind


The law of attraction 


All these seem same at first glance unless one looks deeper. How one asks a right  entity? This is important, because when one sets certain goals, the voice must reach the  right space and thought. The will power powers itself through such channels only. To some law of attraction may be a handy and successful technique to achieve goals, however to others, they may believe in “Ask and the Universe may make it happen”, one more further, some don’t want to ask, but just comfortably believe that that the mind shall do the work for him/her once the goal is absorbed well in the brain.


Many authors have written about, “ask and it shall be given”. These are study-based indirect proofs. It says ask and believe it shall be given.  Some of the differentpropositions, one talks of and seeks are as follows:

1.     Ask and it shall be given


One must understand the difference between these. The first thing is asking, asking universe, asking the powers, one believes, for things one wants. This masking can be asking the powerful to provide strength to fulfill the asked. Here, the idea is, that one needs to believe in a second entity who is powerful to fulfill one’s aim, and aspirations. The new picture of the powerful entity that is popular now is Universe. A very common saying amongthe people who believe and preach this is – “Ask and the Universe shall provide”.


2.     The power of the subconscious mind


The power of the subconscious mind as well can be personified.  While the power of the subconscious mind relies on oneself, this propaganda believes that the self is powerful enough to materialize itself and grant oneself the object of desire. The power to get something or make any achievement is all made through the power of thought on oneself, inside one’s own body. However, the power of the subconscious mind works on basis of repetitive telling and reminding the brain, about what you want to achieve. Often seen as this being an achieved state.  


3. Law of attraction

The law of attraction as we all know is to visualize what one wants, and will for it to happen. Keep a lot of visualization tools near one’s office and look for better avenues.  All this means to put in an attraction that is positive between the goal and self. This is related to the power of the subconscious mind, but there is some difference for sure. However, not all receive a trophy, why exactly, we shall consider this is coming articles.



The propaganda is about asking, asking from somebody powerful, or one may say, as is commonly written. Ask and the Universe shall make it happen to you. But why the Universe shall be your Jinnie/Jin. Hence, a fact of being good comes here. For if the person is flawless then achieving goals may not be difficult. These are purely my thoughts on this fact of grant of gifts from Universe. Scientifically, it is about cleaning the energy that connects our Minds to the utter to whom we request small or big aspirations, and nothing without hard work.





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