The Ocean with bright stars inside a Watery Empty Sky

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it.

The concepts of article are taken from my book:

The Towers of Dreams: Love Filled Dreamy Galaxy: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798771126234: Books

There was this ocean in Universe where the sky was dark, and oceans had shining stars deep within the ocean bed. These shining stars shone through the water. They shined just like dark nights on Earth, but now in an ocean.

They were to reach, the ambassadors of Moon Flame. The King and Queen of the Moon Flame, as others called them, given they only took care of Moon Flame. Their common names for all are kept as Monsa and Monsi, after Moon Flame only. She and him, both were coming to the cliff. As they were coming the stars in the oceans started shining brighter. The sprits of stars could sense the coming of the ultimate happiness.

She reached the cliff, and said to the empty dark sky, “Oh dark skies, shine the lights of oceans stars in you. Oh, my lovely stars of oceans, brighten the sky, why are you sad? My stars of oceans? Let’s us brighten the empty sky, for they wish to shine themselves”.

The waves in oceans rejoiced and started shining bright. Welcoming skies showed mild to moderate lights in the skies send to them by oceans.

He said, “We need to go to other side of the sky, let us pass by, call in the Moon Flame, we want to travel, tell them we need to travel. We shall visit you sooner”

The skies applauded, “Here is the Moon Flame”, and moon flame, started to come to light in dark skies. Moon flame was a reflection not an astronomical body.

They were both standing on a cliff holding hands and looking in deep skies for a tunnel of light. They started talking to each other then, suddenly a sprit of a star bumped up the ocean, she shined like star and was beautiful. She said “Hi your Majesty and royal highness. Do you remember me?” Monsi said, “Yes, I do remember you Absa. How are you doing now, where is your man?” Monsi was so glad to see the spirit of Star Absa came to meet her. The star spirit said, “he is underwater taking care of the star I just came out of to meet you”.

Both the King and Queen reminded each other how they grew stars in this ocean which was sky to under the water world. Monsi said, “I and Monsa, had put you in ocean with love, how can we forget that?”. She continues after a gasp of time, and said, “We send you to the deep ocean bed where you were safe and water was less and your star shined high there, like a bulb.” She added, “Come and hug me sweetie”. These were bright stars that burn in this kind of fluid which was water for this part of universe.

In the meanwhile, the change in skies and in the ocean in this time was profound. As the Ambassador of Moons asked for Moon tunnels flame. And now the moon flame was shining in the sky, visible and profound. The tunnel of light in darkest color sky looked like moon with a flame and had pathway just below it.

In this time seeing this so many star sprits came out to meet Monsa and Monsi, the ambassadors of Moon Flame.

Monsa and Monsi bid goodbye to the sprits with their kind words. They hugged as many sprits, and thanked even the lands and materials. Monsa said “To all those who came out to sing, dance or meet in the sky to rejoice our coming to them and leaving for other works, we wish you best times ahead, till we meet you once again”. “We will call you to meet us, very soon, pre-booked tickets”. No farewell could had been more love filled.

They held hands tightly as they were making angle to stand on their heels, to fly in air just any second after it.

After they reach the sky, the night was different, the sky on the other side of tunnel was far more beautiful. Below was the sky they reached up to and coming out to Moon Tunnel was just a surprise to them.

In these beautiful colored star night, in navy blue sky they held hands and vowed again to bring light to the dark ocean worlds where there was little lights and the stars in the oceans are not very happy.

The two were enjoying each others company, soon the skies brightned, and Monsa called in “Star of deep oceans, come and visit us here, the pathway is open for ever, and coming here wont be tough now on”

They rejoiced, and danced holding hands, in the twinkling stars nights. Many sprits started coming to world of lights from dark oceans.

Note 2. Many of these paintings are made with AI. In particular AI’s latest products.

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