Forest that are burnt, Why not Treated Sewage Water send Before Time, Data Needed#Climate_Change

Note: We pray for & feel the griefs of people who faced this.

The article is just about somethings that humans can do to save the losses of self. Others and of Nature. Fires are natural losses as well.

Now let us not avoid to know gallons of sewage water is put in rivers and treatment, and this effects rivers and water bodies. River water should not get waste water, to keep purity of waters, it’s ok, we never had thought of it. Better late than never. This could had been treated and send on lands before fire happens, this sewage acts as a fertility for lands as well, and thirdly, the sewage water may, penetrate into underground and naturally get cleaned in process of 50 or more meters deep water table, in due course of time. This can make forest sprinklers self dependent and these sprinklers can work with remote control options.

Let’s pray, for these forests, as it was once said, plants too have life, and that where things fail, prayers may help. These are our personal beliefs, based on readings, videos and read experiences.

Let’s grow new plants, let’s put the hot burnt land to serene coolness and then to greenery?

How? All of us can do it? Given the availability, resource & other factors. There are following four points.

I. These forests that are burning,

The forests which are burning, burning because heat was high. One important point to know is that, heat was overall high on Earth, that too at many places. The forests were hit by this global high temperature.

We must also know our Sun, is coming out of global minimum towards global maximum. Solar flames are struck at least every other week from Sun.

And on top of that is greenhouse effect, global warming as you may know.

All these makes forests very hot, and normal dry wind can make two trees, crash into spark.

No one can help scorching heat to cool, all of sudden, unless some prayer is answered, but we don’t know.

So, the following can be done:

1. Compute the heat in area. His can be done by measurements and notice measurements along with following points.

2. Compute the dryness level in tree barks and other dried parts. This can be provided by a sensor, or automated vehicle carrying a robot to do such work.

3. Once, this is done, dryness level is noted. Water can be provided there. But let us know water is also not easily available. So, can we use in treated water?

Can untreated water from drain be supplied, to contain points above?

Can we develop new ways to treat sewage water, so that it can be supplied to such place well in time. And drain water directly supplied in another way to dry places. This shall save rivers from getting dirty water and shall make use in these places. Note, certain treatment may be needed if this is supplied more than required, why, as soap water and shampoo, detergent is in water, which is not good for soil, hence very quick treatment shall be needed.

How to treat sewage water, to be send to dry forests, please let’s ask this from chemical engineering people or Environmental Scientists

II. These forests that are green,

There are forests that are green and soil is wet, seem look, but the forest services people need to tell, that which fire happened at what soil wetness level, tree dryness levels, and temperatures, humidity, water availability, ground level water depth. May be if this data is provided we can infer more from AI as well.

III. These forests that had burnt, and lay with dried burnt trees,

These are parts of the fertile lands that burnt. Now they have burnt, even the soil felt the heat of these massive fires. Let’s put one bucket of used water from home in these lands, as there are worms, there are wildlife running around to find a place, just one bucket per person, and if it can’t be done, why not separate waste water and sewage water, to send waste water with soap to be treated in a quick way to be send to such places. While, even sewage water can be used with quick treatment, for soap, as the experts how to treat, given forest need it, know the plants are burning still, in ashes, while roots of plants still have life, feel. In any way, there is no place for sewage water to go, given rivers should not take sewage water, as rivers are linked to spiritual existence and purity as well.

IV. These forests may never get, on burn ever,

Here, now manual, computations can be done, once data is received, why not compute all places, GOING HUMANL IS DANGEROUS PLEASE SEND ROBOTS TO COLLECT DATA. Once this is done, fires can be predicted, using predictions models, more on it later. The accuracy of predictions may not be full, as historic data not there. PLEASE DO NOT COLLECT DATA ON OWN. KIND REQUEST.

V. Structural Changes

Why not, make structural changes, in Forests, why not divide forests in huge manageable segments, rest be empty lands, for robots to process. The following shows forest segments that are separated and robots stay there, to alters any dryness and temperatures ratios in trees. This would make fires in forest manageable. These construction of separation of forests may take time, but these are good ways to curb forest, the pathways made can be as broad are 20 meters. However forest fires can reach other part by air as well, so water needs to be there on ground levels. It’s time humans do make fragments of manage forests, just like you manage regions in city, divide forests into regions, make roads which have no concrete or as experts in field say.

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