UK and Elections, Intuitive and Logical Points, why it’s important?

UK, here are some of my views, given I consider UK, as ultimate place to get citizenship for anyone. Here are my views on all possibilities in UK, these are intuitive possibilities and logic based laws, these are not based on any concrete law book, but are logical and intuitive.

Now, what happens in UK effects whole world. One should not forget the developed world that is there today, the foundation were laid by Britain in from several centuries back. I want to thank to the then people for laying the foundation bricks, be it the structures or be it be the early law making buildings. Be it be constitution or law books, they first made, Yes, in there were bad things too, turned bad, bad things I don’t want to lay focus on here, just the good things I am portraying, given in today’s time nations are more of very good friends. Focused here on good efforts only.

I am looking just at positive parts, right now, of the development made by them, given they still maintain nice relationships with world. Given it’s is still epitome of major progresses and given who does not want a visa of UK. I want it, do you? It’s a beautiful place, where people have many benefits, not available in other parts of world. Heath insurance is a small example, and I personally would be exhaled to get a citizenship of these beautiful and successful places.

Now there are three things:

  • Borris takes back resignation, or
  • Re-elections take place in Britain by public
  • Elections happen as usual, as now

The things are explained as follows.

  • Please take back resignation, if possible, world needs good leaders. The expenses made were on by his wife ? Is it true? Because we always saw Borris in simple form, just a humble public servant. How can he do all that. Taking back resignation as none of the candidates in UK election are that high in thinking as Borris. The expenses in house, which caused problems, can be paid back, to banks, given they are a working couple, rest is obvious and I don’t want to speak.
  • If Borris does not take back resignation. He resigns, then how can his own party members contest elections, If you think Borris has failed, how can people accept his own close party people to be next Prime Minister. The members who are fighting for elections are close members of Borris. If you want Borris to go, then his finance minister goes too and foreign minister too. Why, they were a team. If the boss resign, why would we want his team to come to elections. Choose right one.
  • The current voting. Had I been there, I would had said None of the above, for voting, from the current options. Current options are made with haste. Why election by public ruled out? It is better to go and ask public for election. Why other members were not participating? Life was not easy in past 2 years of corona, testing new candidates, I don’t know, and if None of Above buttons is not there in options, then I choose ?? I would had …
  • Why elections were not done, this is Borris party, elections are in public wide spread elections. Why haste? Choosing a candidate from Borris party, hold on if you declare Borris as wrong, his entire cabinet is declared so, logically, as they might had taken oath to work for his directions and welfare of his agendas, as they trusted him, intuitively they can vote and contest elections provided, the head completes his terms with nice term endings not abrupt halting of tenure, via resignation. I am not a lawyer, these are intuitive and logical things.

What happens in UK, USA, and so on, the DEVELOPED countries can effect in global things and even in recession, to prize hike, to even developments.


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