Is International Diversity in Government Good? Do North Korean and China should need it ?

Here is a questionnaire and possible solutions to solve many problems, one such is daily missile tests done by North Korea. Let’s find a solution not missile. International diversity can bring in love among world, and reduce growing tensions.

This can be a topic of research in area of Social Sciences.

Question. So what would a internationally diverse government look like?

Answer: Diversity includes people of more than one ethnic groups to have their visibility in government, government policies, all this through elected representatives. Examples of diverse governments are in west, USA, being one, where many international ethnic groups have their visibility in power sharing, both public power sharing and private power sharing by their roles in privately owned companies.

Question: Are all governments around the world diverse?

Answer: No, governments around world all are not diverse. Take example of North Korea, all members of parliament are from North Korean ethnicity, no American or British person is part of power sharing, either in government or in private companies.

Question: How can diverse government solve presently tense situations?

Answer: I think following the models of developed western countries where governments are internationally diverse, it becomes easy to feel other governments and their feelings. Just like in USA, where the other person always speak for benefits of the country and keeps other views in mind as well. In a way it is win-win.

Question: Is diversity in government difficult to attain?

Answer: Diversity attainment is a gradual procedure, it starts from application of citizenship in the country and may take few generations to understand the country, to actually applying to be part of ruling government.

Question: Does diversity in private sectors required ?

Answer: Yes diversity in private sector also important. One can reach the decision making in private sector by hard work and hence spread the fruits of peace through impact on society henceforth.

Question: Is diversity in public sector easy?

Answer: No, diversity in public sector is tougher than diversity in private sector. All this can change only with change in policies in government. Personally I have not seen Chinese Public sector to be diverse. I may be wrong in this, but this is my personal experience.

Question: Is diversity in private sector easier than diversity in public sector?

Answer: It seem like the local offices of private organisations should encourage international diversity. North Korea too can benefit from this.

Question: Which countries governments are most diverse?

Answer: Seems like western developed nations! Correct me if I am wrong,

Question: Would China benefit from diversity?

Answer: Yes, it would make mutual cooperation easier. Understanding Taiwan and Hong Kong won’t be difficult then.

Question: Do North Korea need it?

Answer: North Korea needs a complete revamp, which can send care and love not missiles around it. With diversity they can think openly about other part of world.

Thanks for reading these are some points to solve current issues that involve North Korea high rate missile firing and China’s recent practise to take over Taiwan.

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