#11. Marita with her female Robot

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Marita and Tom reached home with the newly bought female robot.

Tom: Why were you fuzzy about the female robot Marita?

Marita: Nothing special, just that you don’t feel that I have a male robot around me all time, just that is the only reason.

Tom: Oh for me!

Marita: Yes, you have such a busy schedule, so I would spend my time with a female Robot when you are not around and there is no office work.

Tom: Cool, chill girl!

Marita: Come let’s start this, I have got all training from Thomas on how he trained Miso.

Tom: That’s great, I have taken today off to help you in all this.

Marita: Ok babe.

Tom: Come Robot.

Marita: No, not like that Tom, you are funny. Wait.

Tom: Ok.

Marita: Let’s switch it on, it will ask for some inputs, we need to enter them.

Tom Brought the robot near Marita and then switched it on.

Marita: It reads ‘“Enter the name of Robot, it can’t be changed without reset of Robot.”

Tom: What do you want its name to be darling?

Marita: Something nice, how about Tiso, he is Miso we can keep it Tiso? Tell me, sweetheart.

Tom: Yes, my name starts with T too, lols.

Marita: What?

Tom: Ok Tiso is fine, her brother Miso is working well!

Marita: Yes, that’s nice. A tribute to the discount Tiso got from Miso. Cheers!

Tom: What next?

Marita: Let me enter the name.

And then a booting sign comes on the screen on her front and back.

Marita: Do we need our clothes for it? Or these screens are good enough to be seen?

Tom: A jacket and skirt are good enough. What do you say?

Marita: Lols, Miso is like that only, in company-fitted designs. She also has the designs, but we naturally thought of clothes for her.

Tom: Yes, buy clothes online I will pay for them.

Marita: Tom, you are so sweet. I will dress her up as my doll unless she needs to go to the office.

Tom: Buy office clothes online too.

Marita: I think size may be an issue for a robot. Still, I will search online.

Tom: Haha. Lols!

Marita: She is done rebooting.

Tiso: Hi, Marita, How are you? I am your new robot, Tiso.

Marita: Hi Tiso, you are welcome here.

Tom: Hi Tiso, I am Tom, Marita and I are going to Marry soon.

Tiso: Glad to meet you, Tom. Marita, you are my boss here.

Tom: Since we are marrying, I am your boss too.

Marita: (Laughingly) It’s a joke Tiso, take it easy.

Tiso: Ok, I got it, either way. (Smiles)

Marita: I will call Thomas and Miso here, what say, Tom?

Tom: Yes, call them for a party here and Tiso would learn from Miso too.

Marita called Thomas and told him to come over to the opening ceremony of her new Robot.

Thomas: I am coming, I need to catch up with Tom, you manage the two robots in the meantime.

Marita: Thomas is coming to meet you Tom.

Tom: Oh he is coming to meet me. Thats great.

Marita in the meantime was checking robot Tiso with basic operations such as going to the door, sitting, standing, going to the kitchen and coming back, opening the door, closing windows so on.

In the meantime, the doorbell rang.

Marita: Tiso go and see who on the door.

Tiso opened the door and saw Thomas and Miso there.

Tiso: May I know what is your name and whom you want to meet?

Thomas: Hey this is Miso and I am Thomas, we came to meet Marita and Tom.

Miso looked weird to see another robot.

Tiso went in and told Marita.

Tiso: Thomas and his robot Miso came to meet you both.

Marita: (Excited) I am glad and I am so excited. Tom, can you feel the excitement, she met robot Miso already.

Tiso: Yes, he looks nice and cute.

Tom: Tiso, bring them in.

Marita and Tom went with Tiso to the door to bring Thomas and Miso in.

Thomas hugged Tom and shook hands with Marita. Seeing this Miso took his hands out to greet Tiso.

Marita: Thomas, we named her Tiso, following your naming convention, as we got a huge robot discount from you.

Thomas: Wooh! That’s exciting and cool. Miso and Tiso.

Tom: Miso I am Tom, you have not met me before I am Maritas to be husband.

Miso: I am glad to meet you Tom. Marita has been kind to me always.

Tom: My pleasure Miso.

Marita: Tiso, this is Miso, Thomas robot. Just like you are my robot, this is Miso, his robot. And he is elder to you.

Tiso: Oh that is wonderful, he is like my brother or something like that?

Tom: Yes you can think of it.

Thomas: Now you two robots, make nice milkshakes for us, as Tom loves milkshakes.

Tiso: I will download the receipe. But I have not seen the kitchen yet.

Marita: I will help the robots for this time in kitchen, you guys carry on.

Tom and Thomas nodded to Marita.

Marita went with two robots to kitchen

Miso: Tiso you know I can make coffee and breakfast and even serve Pizza. Can you do any of these?

Tiso: No, but I can download the algorithms and hence do it. Why you boosting it. I will cook better than you.

Marita: Dont fight. I will teach Tiso, Miso don’t fight, don’t make her look down.

Tiso: I am downloading coffee recipes.

Marita: No Tiso, we want a milkshake, not coffee.

Tiso: But Miso wants coffee.

Marita: No, he was just telling his expertise.

Tiso: Ok, give me 1 minute, here is the algorithm to make milkshakes by Nisa company. I am ready.

Marita: Good

Tiso: Where are chocolate powder and sugar?

Marita: Here it is.

Tiso: Look it’s ready, here is the food mixer and we put in milk.

Miso: How do you know how much milk?

Tiso: I entered in the algorithm, 3 people shake, rest it gave me all steps.

Miso: You rock Tiso

Marita: Wow, that’s nice

Miso: Now, it’s time to serve.

Tiso: I will do so as well, I am downloading, and serving milkshakes. Here it is.

Marita gave her 3 glasses and she trayed them and took them out.

Marita: I am so happy; I would gift you my best scarf for this Tiso.

Marita went in to bring a scarf for Tiso. She came out and gave her scarf to Tiso.

Miso: How was the milkshake?

Thomas: It’s very tasty Miso.

Miso: But she can’t cook better than me, can she?

Thomas: (Laughing) It’s ok Miso, you can make a milkshake with me at home tonight.

Tom: And next time you both can cook and do things together not as a competition but as cooperation.

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Thomas. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

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