Are the AI leaders pessimist or optimists about AI Future


The current AI leaders of top companies running AI seem to be pessimistic about AI development. AI is like a baby in youth now, it would do mistakes, for sure, the concern is the tolerance and the mother-like warmth it needs to grow into a full-fledged toolkit in our pockets.

Just like when pocket calculators came people were skeptical of its use, this new pocket intelligence called AI too have made people ask about its usability. It’s passed its childhood days; it will show signs of youth. The aim is are those who own this AI, are they ready to handle AI ? Are they ready to know that they have to learn how to manage errors, and rather discarding whole of AI, can they hold on AI while managing changes?

Google and Microsoft heads, the top companies which host AI seem to be worrying about free AI development. Musk too is another one who seem to be against development of AI in many aspects. Are common people working for the will and self-interest of these three players? Or are they going to work for a better world where AI can help in solving various problems? Where AI can help in so many ways, by just sitting in a pocket?

Did the internet take away your jobs? Did pocket calculators take away your jobs? No, in the same way, AI is here to help and assist and not take away jobs. AI is needed as the problems we surround ourselves with have increased and so is our inquisition, to answer both these AI in pockets is required. AI is needed as the data we see and hear have more than doubled. The more the data, the more are the options and hence the more we need to see on AI what to do next.

Imagine traveling to a mall, and you need to find best stall for having fish, with AI in your pockets, it can compare, calculate and show all the reviews of stalls near you, you can then see yourself and decide where to go for lunch. It is that simple, in doing this AI does not take away your job, its an assistant.

There is a lot to do in AI, but AI in pocket is what to start with. Hence, it is needed that AI should be led by optimist leaders and not those who are afraid of AI itself. How would pessimist leaders grow a happy AI? If you are a pessimistic of AI what you would develop is something negative only. So, keep optimist leaders and see the world at your feet with optimistic AI.

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