#12. Unseal Professional Robot

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Marita phone bell rang.

Marita: Hello

Hellany: Hey Marita, its me Hellany here.

Marita: Hi boss how are you? Did you open your professional robot?

Hellany: No not yet.

Tom: No, why what is he waiting for?

Thomas: Oh he asked me to come to his place, I was tired and said no.

Tom: Its ok. Marita give me the call.

Tom took the phone form Marita.

Tom: Hey Hellany, you want to open the robot today?

Hellany: Yes, nothing else to do right now than try this wonderful robot.

Tom: Come over Marita place or should we all come over to your place with our robots, Thomas too is here.

Hellany: Ok, I shall come over to your place. Give me half an hour.

Tom: Cool. See you.

Marita: I will make some snacks and some coffee myself for Hellany.

Thomas: Boss would be angry with me.

Tom: No Thomas it was a hectic day for all of us.

In half an hour door bell rang. Ting Tong.

Marita: Tiso go see who is on the door and open the door if it’s Hellany.

Tiso went to the door and asked.

Tiso: Who is it?

Hellany: I am Hellany, your Boss Boss.

Tiso: Oh, you are most welcome, come in.

Tiso looked at wheeled wrapped box.

Tiso: What is this hellany?

Hellany: Its another robot like you, just it cant make coffee. It shouldnt make coffee, it can make if needed, but that is not what it was made for.

Tom: Hey Hellany.

Hellany: Hey Tom, Hey Thomas.

Thomas: Boss I am sorry I was tired then.

Hellany: Thats ok, even I took in all my cells in my body to come here.

Thomas: Thanks boss as always you are kind to us.

Marita: Lets open the third robot in our family, what are we waiting for?

Hellany: You guys will do the rest, I came in here that’s more than enough.

Thomas: Let me unwrap and unbox it.

Thomas started opening the third robot, unwrapping and unboxing it.

Tom: Here it is.

Marita: Oh my Gosh, its in a business suit. And my little girl robot in no extra linen. Lols. Look at him.

Hellany: Haha, this is so nice.

Tom: Cool.

Thomas: Supercool.

Tom: How to start it.

Marita: There is an attached patch in the clothes, to reset and do any other alterations. Special clothes people. I was thinking of my robot form online store and there Nisa company also makes clothes fit for robots. I will ask them my robot fittings.

Hellany: That is great Marita. Start it, boot it Thomas.

Thomas: Yes Boss.

Thomas: Opened the start button patch and started the robot.

Robot: Please enter the name of this robot on front screen by opening the cloth patch.

Tom: What name you want Hellany?

Hellany: What names you guys have kept, I know Miso is one, Tom what is her name?

Tom: We kept it Tiso, as a tribute to Miso. Rhyming names.

Hellany: Lols. What should I keep then?

Tom: You decide it then.

Hellany: Piso! how about that I took got a discount from Thomas Miso.

Tom: Cool, Are you sure Hellany, name once entered can’t be changed with normal change but a reboot.

Hellany: Yes sure. Thomas, enter the name Piso on the screen.

Thomas: Yes boss.

Piso: The name has been entered and logged in.

Hellany: What work should we test him for.

Tom: Real test would be in office tomorrow.

Hellany: Lets give some task to it. What say? Tomorrow I shall carry him to office.

Thomas: Yeah boss, that is great.

Marita: Boss, we can give it as a task to talk to Miso and Tiso? What say?

Hellany: Talk to other 2 robots and tell me what they do?

Piso talked to other robots and got information about them.

Piso: The other robots are personal robots, they help in household works, my works are different I help in office works or technical works.

Tiso: Can you make milkshake?

Miso: Can you make coffee and serve Pizza?

Piso: I cant make milkshake, I can but I dont have program for that, I rather love to work in office mode all time. You know my business suit can get dirty if I do kitchen work like you both.

Tiso: This is not right. But I don’t like to do office work. I like my work.

Miso: I too don’t want to do office work, I am made for housework and I like my work too.

Piso: So, let’s love our work and be happy dear colleagues.

Hellany: Piso anything you want to show to us?

Piso: Yes, give me your bills I would give you summary

Hellany: Lets do something simple now. Calculate our profits these are the bills of three robots we bought.

Piso: Sure. Let me scan them with my eyes.

Hellany: Guys I am crashing to sleep.

Tom: Lets have dinner men then you guys can leave.

Hellany: Sure, I will order Pizza for all of us.

Marita: Boss, you always keep giving parties here and even in office, let me make something for dinner.

Hellany: No, Marita it was a hectic day for all of us.

Thomas: Yes boss.

Piso: You have 40–60% profits men. It’s a big profit Nisa company gave you. What does the Enterprize robot do, and where is he?

Tom: Good Piso. You would meet him tomorrow in the office.

Pizza was ordered and they all had pizza Miso served pizza and cold drinks. Tiso learned how to serve Pizza form Miso……

And everyone went back home.

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Thomas. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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