#15. The Nisa Designs: The Robots Clothing Line

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Marita and her fiancé Tom reached Nisa Designs, the robots clothing line far to the East of the city.

Marita: It’s hot here Tom.

Tom: Yes, darling it’s hot today.

Marita: I need cold water.

Tom: Please have it from the car, I doubt it would be still cold. Rather, we should have carried our ice box with us.

Marita: Let’s see if there is some food outlet here, we will get cold water as well as some food.

Tom: I am hungry too, but I think it’s too hot for Robot to come out on Sun.

Marita: Yes, I don’t know either can a robot be in the sun?

Tom: Let’s go inside it would be cold in there in the complex.

Marita: There on the second floor is Nisa Designs, see there.

Tom: Ok.

Marita: Here is a fast-food giant franchise shop, UooGo Foods

Tom: Cool let’s go in there first. Dolly, what say?

Dolly: I am excited about new clothes. You guys enjoy the lunch.

Tom: How much is your battery charge now?

Dolly: 90% charged.

Tom: Ok, come with us then and enjoy.

Tom and Marita have cold water and a burger while robot Dolly waited for them to finish.

Marita: Burger was so tasty, maybe we were hungry.

Tom: No, it was actually tasty.

Marita: Before going let’s take an ice cream as well.

Tom: Cool you are real foodie.

Dolly: So you both are done with your brunch, so can we now go to Nisa Designs for robots?

Tom: Oh sure, right Marita!

Marita: Sorry Dolly to keep you excited and waiting.

Dolly: It’s ok I enjoy your company.

Tom: Let’s take a lift and go to Nisa Designs.

They took a lift and moved to the Nisa Designs showroom. Three of them entered the showroom.

Marita: Nice showroom, let’s move this side for female robots.

Tom: Cool

Martia: Dolly see the dresses and tell us what you like.

Dolly: Yes Marita, I love the way you care for me.

Marita: Select then we’ll try it out on you in trial rooms.

Dolly: Ok Marita.

Tom: See the one on dummy girls, see this one is nice, and recommended by me for Dolly.

Dolly: Which one Tom?

Tom went to the dummy and spoke.

Tom: This one is nice and recommended form me.

Marita: This is nice, lets me ask them for a second piece of the same dress to try in the trial room. Excuse me!

Marita turned to the Executive near her in the showroom.

Executive: Yes Maam.

Marita: I want a second piece of the same dress as on display.

Executive: That’s our prime dress, I shall bring in the dress for you, can I know the specifications of your robot? Is this your robot?

Marita: Yes, it’s our Robot, normal height, and weight.

Executive: Here is the dress, we can do fittings too in case the dress needs some alterations for looks and feel, fittings shall be perfect for sure.

Tom: Thanks, man.

Marita: Any more dresses you want to shortlist Dolly?

Dolly: I think I should have minimum of three dresses. What do you think?

Tom: Its costly here.

Dolly: Yes, you are right, but lets take three, remaining things we can order online from competitors of Nisa designs.

Tom: Let’s buy two dresses and the remaining ones from online shopping.

Marita: Look at this one on display.

Tom: This is fine too.

Marita: Let us take three dresses, Dolly has not asked anything from us but three dresses.

Tom: Ok Marita, we can afford it. Just there were a lot of expenses this month.

Marita: Its ok Tom. Dolly see what you want?

Dolly: I like this one.

Marita: All three dresses seem fine. But let us try it in the trial room, come Dolly. Tom, you wait here I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Tom: Ok Marita darling, I will wait.

Dolly and Marita tried the three dresses and then they came out of the trial room.

Marita: Tom, all these dresses fit well and are looking good on Dolly our robot.

Tom: Cool, let us go to the billing section and pay the bills.

Liuta Man at Billing Counter: Yes Ma’am. How can we help you?

Marita: Here are three dresses, please make a bill for them.

Liuta Man at Billing Couter: Please handle it. I shall make a bill.

Tom: You have online selling too.

Liuta Man at Billing Counter: Yes Sir, we do, you can try online shopping for Nisa Designs as well.

Tom: Thank You Liuta.

Marita was paying bill then Tom stopped her and said.

Tom: Wait Marita, I will pay for bill.

Tom paid the bill.

Liuta Man at Billing Counter: Thank You Sir. Visit the store again.

Marita asked “Can I make her wear one dress I bought from here?”

Liuta Man at Billing Counter said “Yes Please, just show the bill at counter and take the tag after you leave the store. Thank You for choosing us”.

Marita made Dolly wear new clothes and they went out of showroom and removed the tag.

Tom: We have come here in such heated temperatures, let’s spend some time in the complex, let’s try the ice cream you wanted to eat Marita.

And the story continues………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought robot. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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