Tesla Car burns now, last time it hit a tree, who’s to blame? #Some_Points.

Well, who doesn’t remember the deadly crash of Tesla car in 2019. It was stated that the legal system declared it was driver’s fault and we mourn the loss of the person with all of our hearts.

Note: These are authors own original thoughts and these do notrefer to a specific AI electric car but to all kinds of cars which states they are AI cars and electric cars. The article in copy is on authors medium account as well.

Well, here are some points:

  1. Why fire on AI-powered cars?
  2. Were fire detectors not on AI car to make a shutdown of system and ring an alarm? And do more? How to stop a battery car from a massive fire? Did the car carry in sandbags to stop the fire? Why can’t batteries in such cars be insulated from rest of the car as batteries once caught fire can’t be easily stopped?
  3. Why AI car when it can’t stop fire and mishaps in car?
  4. Why to add name AI to a car when at the end of the day, you can’t blame AI for crash of car, as in 2019 AI car?
  5. If car uses AI applications such as google maps, call that as luxury addons and not call the car as an AI autopilot!
  6. If something wrong happens to the car or passengers in car, the lawyers on the other side declare it as a human error and not an inaction by the AI auto pilot?
  7. Well, we all can run on simple straight roads, we need autopilot when the driving gets tough.
  8. Why the name autonomous car driving?
  9. AI cars exchange data with and from servers to improve its AI working, doesn’t it? What are the AI autopilot car data stored with the servers, we want that. Do the carmakers use and collect data from individual cars?
  10. Can we see how much data AI car makers collect daily and what do they do with data collected with AI cars?
  11. When the autopilot cars cant protect in times of difficulties, why should one buy autopilot cars then? Is it just to send the driver’s data to the car maker servers? May be to build a future ready car?
  12. Why not drive fully on our own then?
  13. What AI is there in these cars — -can we get right specifications?
  14. Why should we call these cars AI cars?
  15. It can be called the latest electric car with AI-based accessories, such as Google Maps, music of choice, question answering on locations visited, soon and why to just put on AI while driving, when AI can’t protect?
  16. Why not raise a voice for rights?
  17. Sell cars as Electric cars with these accessories. And let the drivers know that it’s just AI accessories, if not what else AI is there in cars, please elaborate, why not car-made emergency breaks when it was skidding or overspending to hit a tree?
  18. Emergency breaks were part of AI autopilot selling point? Were they ? I don’t know, you own an AI car you may know this better.
  19. These robots are not yet fully ready. Are they? Who is a robot here — the electric AI powered car. They say its AI car and have locomotive ability making it a Robot.
  20. If some company just wants to collect data from its deployed AI cars then why not pay to car owners for data so collected?
  21. Why are unprepared Robots driving on roads?
  22. Why not start the AI in car with alarm systems ?
  23. And why not tell the driver in present and future AI electric cars that be cautious and be alert, we are collecting data to build a future AI car?
  24. Why Electric Cars are burning around the world, why not have a fire detector in these cars with alarm bells? This does not need much AI?
  25. Best, if you can pay so much, then why not pay for a driver who is alert? Till AI is ready?
  26. Who is more alert while driving a car a human driver or AI autopilot?
  27. Electric cars are new innovations, and there is a long way to go, learn to put fire sensors and have sand bags till alternative solutions are found!
  28. Yes one day AI cars would come but after learning, which needs huge data, and may be someone somewhere may be collecting datas, who knows, I dont know.
  29. These are roads not skies where AI is put on. So be alert whereever you are.

Good Luck

Note: I don’t own an AI car, so I dont know in case there are some issues which need clarifications.


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