Flying cars or flying vehicles with AI accessories— Needs and Ethics

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What all AI accessories does your car have?

Flying cars are here, are they AI-based flying cars? Well, it can be good if they are AI-based flying cars, but are AI-based road cars are no good fully, as of yet, are they? Wonder! So what would flying cars be like? Let’s use AI as accessories in flying cars then! Are they needed? If so at what cost to users and environments? Given they are electric cars!

The flying cars are ready to be with you in 2025! Since its inception around 2015 a lot moved forward.

What’s good in it- well yes, goodbye to the bumpy rides of roads. Road construction/maintenance expenses would fall down, and reachability would be more efficient in terms of time and expense. These can help in climatic conditions of the destruction of roads brought to us about in climate change-based events occurring frequently all around the globe.

But what about birds? Yes, the virtual pathways in the skies and lower atmosphere must be set. An AI-based bird detector or flock detector must be introduced in the flying cars as an AI-based accessory. This can warn the car drivers of any such flying agent coming to it as a predicted path from a distance. This can make the driver of a flying car to change path in case of a flock and can ask a driver to honk to alert a bird or a group of birds to sway them out of paths meant for flying cars, soon they might get to know their old/new paths. What if they don’t? Would virtual mid-air roadways be all over? No, right?

How to maintain speed in comparison to other flying cars? Well, do we need a flying car traffic controls as well? When roads have traffic men who guide cars and airplanes have air traffic control. These flying cars which lie between the two said in the line before too need some kind of traffic controls.

What shall be the functions of a traffic controller for flying cars? Well, this can be a change in paths when migrating birds fly, this can be done by a change in heights of flights to change in speed and direction or a complete change in routed maps to reach destination. Other needs can be relative speeds of other vehicles, concerns of minimum/maximum speeds to overtaking issues in mid-air. All this can be passed as a driving regulation of mid-air vehicles or as suggested by the AI accessories of the car.

It’s okay not to have a full plan for the launch of the first cars, these issues need to be put on subsequently. Just like airplanes are registered with the air traffic controller of a region, should the flying vehicles must reign within the definitions of rules of a region?


— What needs to be the height of flying these mid-air vehicles?

— How long can we repair the same roads in climate-hit regions? What would be more eco-friendly as well as more friendly to budgets?

— Can these vehicles land on the terrace of your home, for heavy rain was forecast in the region?

— The weather got worse, and flying cars were allowed to fly high as well to get out of the place.

— The AI apps in flying vehicles let you know — how much distance is needed to fly with the same battery and how much distance by road.

— What about the washroom, medics and food stalls in for long-distance mid-air vehicles? Land on road and use the original utilities which are already there.

— And finally driving schools for mid-air flying vehicles. New driving licenses or the same old driving licenses would work?

Does the height of flying intercept some garden areas?

Or planning to fly the flying-car over a forest area?

These are ethical issues, as not all areas are free from flying beings!

And AI-based alerts can be provided to avoid areas with a high number of birds and bird nests! These AI accessories can be made in with forest departments.

Why not make fixed routes for flying over such areas?

Some pumps around the area, to charge or refuel the flying cars! Or would it be charged in the air only? Well if the pipes can rise up to this height! Through a built-up station to this height? Or just land, recharge and fly again?

Other things such as weather warnings for flying vehicles from start to destination be sent to the drivers and occupants of these cars. With the help of AI and weather predictions. And to re-route/change the destination based on AI-based recommendations? We can have such AI accessories in flying vehicles? To avoid rain while flying a vehicle like this?

Is it powered by solar panels? Or is it fully electric? Want to know about cloud alerts, get in an AI accessory here for this as well!

If you want to land on a road, garden, or a place, an AI accessory for the same can be used to guarantee safe parking from the atmosphere to land.

Other places where AI accessories can be used, as speed choices based on the comfort of the driver and suitability of traffic in air routes.

The AI-based latitude and longitude positioning for joining traffic in the atmosphere. And the same for safe landing and joining traffic on roads. Yes sidelines and virtual flyovers in mid-air.

What about traffic jams in the atmosphere? Would cars run in one above another to take off? Is it a safe way? How to detect if a car does this? AI apps can listen to the mid-air and land traffic controllers and inform the drivers of the safety of their cars and other cars on the way. Again this does not mean the car is self-driven, the end decision is with the driver and the driver is responsible for it. However, this is a long distance away, so let’s first let the first air vehicles run in the skies.

Just like Google Maps for road journeys, there is a need for atmospheric flying vehicles journeys, to avoid jams, to reach faster, to go to never been before places, and so on! Again this is an AI accessory for the car and may be one of the mandatory AI app for the flying cars, as there are no sign boards in skies, unless the government makes laser vehicle signals for driving cars. But again, how many laser signals, so why not make some out of concrete?

A lot to do, in a short time!

Yes, these may not be AI cars, which means they may not be driven by AI, but they can have AI accessories, which means they are driven by humans and have any AI algorithms/apps to guide the driver on route for things such as weather, clouds, rain, fuel, birds paths, high flying birds such as eagle/vulture alerts, landing and take off safety protocols, paths, halts, overtaking and over speeding. And with all these comes AI-based ethical issues.

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