To whom I love more than myself

There is not one yet, To whom I love more than myself Call it self love Or self fascination Or any bad thing  you like For the man I loved deceived me You are the one I to whom I loved more than myself ! My crime I was humble and  loving to you LookContinue reading “To whom I love more than myself”

If I am heart you will be my beats

If I am heart You were my beats Nomore, though Not any more For this heart Can work without you now If I am her You were my he Not anymore I need any he For you were my breaths And I have learned to live without breathing If I am a flower You wereContinue reading “If I am heart you will be my beats”

Call me through Stars & Moons

Here is the song in my voice on youtube: Here is the song in my voice on my google drive: Call Me.. Call mee..Caalll me baby Through the echoing voice Through the woods and roads Call Me Through the bubbles in water Call me Call me baby call me I am waiting, call meContinue reading “Call me through Stars & Moons”

Two Girls: Fairy Tales

(All characters in this poem are fictitious and does not exist. Its is purely for imaginary dreamily fictional purpose for pleasures, art and entertainment only. Audience age > 21 ) This poem is included in the novel: Two Girls: Fairy Tales Two girls we are.. Oh thy so difficult to understand But there on MagicalContinue reading “Two Girls: Fairy Tales”