Story #9 Robo Miso in Office Meeting Room

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Thomas called Robo Miso

Thomas: I am calling you on the virtual phone, I can see your path from front and back, and hence I will guide you for the way up here on 5th floor.

Robo Miso: Ok Sure, it seem exciting.

Thomas: Yes, there are multiple rewards for this.

Robo Miso: Ok.

Thomas: Keep walking towards elevator, the lift is waiting for you.

Robo Miso: Ok Thomas

Thomas: Take a right turn, don’t touch other cars, walk towards elevator.

Robo Miso: Here it is.

Thomas: Get in and press 5, I can still see all around you, 360 degrees.

Robo did that

Marita: Should we go to take him?

Thomas: No, no, let him come to boss Hellany and us. I will guide him and get him ready, you send the mail for special meeting in meeting room.

Marita: Sure Thomas.

Marita sends an email for meeting for the division. By then Robo Miso reached Thomas, with HR help, after getting a visitor’s card around his neck.

Thomas: Are you nervous Robo Miso?

Robo Miso: No.

Thomas: But I am nervous.

Robo Miso: Here I am, one of the best Robots of world, why you need to worry and be tensed about Thomas?

Thomas: Ok, let’s go then.

Thomas explained the meeting aim to Miso and said buck is in his hands now.

Thomas: The buck is in your hands now Miso. Let’s move there now.

Robo Miso reached meeting room.

Robo Miso: Hi everyone, I am robot, I am personal robot for Thomas and I take care of his personal needs and also I can be trained for professional robotic works too, in a way I am a hybrid model. Why I am here, as my boss Thomas wants to introduce Robots and their use to your Boss Hellany.

Hellany: Cool, great go on!

Robo Miso: Thanks Hellany.

Hellany: Come to business now, what is your role here, and what your manufacturer Nisa company can help us with?

Robo Miso: I am talking to you Hellany and at same time I am writing on board as well. I can see from all sides, six and more. I am writing about how well I can save your time on mundane tasks so that human brain can work on in free way by giving routine tasks to robots like us.

Nisa company manufactures many kinds of robots, personal, professional robots and a hybrid of both, I am a hybrid robot. Hence, I can give you a demo of what a professional robot can look and work like.

I am making a presentation on Scrum Meetings, where I am the scrum master. This would be interactive, robust and accurate with human like soft skills. Look here, at the workflow, I have drawn here with my hidden eye cameras on back of my head. I will show you; Miso revolved his head to show his camera-tic eyes at back of his head, and the ones on his ears. And he shared the work details well.

Everyone applauded for Robo Miso.

This is it, I can do help in managerial works too, for example, I can scan all emails, to read you with the necessary points of meetings, I can also connect to your laptop with a USB connector and help in finding the minutes of meetings, the plans, I can draw flowcharts with chosen emails, or documents, sitting right there with the manager. Here is Thomas laptop, look I will connect to official laptop. These can lead to security and privacy of data issues, hence Hellany have taken permission from HR and a demo laptop is ready with me. Look here. These are five documents on the desktop and here I will take 5 minutes to draw a compressed presentation with it. Till then I can talk with you for other things, such as after meeting party, as I know I am magnificent and perfect in work, so I would be rewarded well.

Michael: Miso, what about if there are many people who want to make a presentation?

Miso: I am a personal robot; means I can connect and help my Boss only. However, the professional robots can connect to multiple employee’s laptops, download data, or read data. I can connect to multiple devises through USB, tab, phone, laptop and even TV. But as per my make I should adhere to my Boss works only.

Samika: Cool, you are from Nisa company? Do we need to register professional robots are our employee?

Miso Robot: Yes, professional robots need to be registered as employee and as a company asset, just like your laptops are company assets.

I am talking all this while making a presentations from my hands with my head back camera eyes.

Aatshuz: Cool, that is wonderful.

Hellany: I am impressed.

Robo Miso: I am done with presentation. Should I give a demo now?

Hellany: Yes please.

Robo Miso took up to meeting room and explained new software release with milestones.

Robo Miso: The milestones were there in slides and here is what it means to us, we need to double up the speed, if we want our compitetor to be behind us for customer satisfaction. The next quater shall be relaxed but in this quater we need to speed up and scale up too, to impress our customers just like I am impressing this company to buy professional robots like me.

Hellany clapping hands said.

Hellany: Well done Robo Miso.

Robo Miso: Thank You Hellany.

Hellany: But folks we don’t have so much money for an enterprise level Robot so I will buy my professional assistant with the offer Thomas and Marita are giving me.

Robo Miso: Yeah

Marita: Awesome

Thomas: Well done Miso, we are proud of you, your Robotic team is coming soon.

Hellany: Let discuss when to buy over evening time. Miso can rest in car as you wont like to take half day for sure! As you did good work, lets celebrate over office coffee and Pizza Party. He cant stay in office as office policies, you know visitor time and data privavcy issues that can be broken with his stay in office without reason.

Thomas: Yes Hellany

Marita: I am so happy to get a female Robot for myself in half the prize. Wooh!

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Thomas. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

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