France Calm Down- As the world watches


France is marching in anger, burning things, clashing with Police, and putting on fire public things belonging to the government and more.

Why? As the retirement age increased from 62 to 64 or for their words?

France is one of the top countries on Earth, at least, you can see the position that France holds in the world, in terms of development, advancements, accomplishments, rate of progress, business, and many more. But now how it looks like? Can you see it on TV and tell us how it looks?

President Emmanuel Macron, is a seasoned President, who took the people of France out of Covid and did many accomplished decisions making then in his last term. Apart from his own country President Macron, have international commitments that he takes care of international diplomacy and peace are some of his most capable fronts. He works for international peace, biodiversity as well. Now, why I had to introduce him again, as people on world maps think he is kind of a doing a forced mandate.

As far as I know his government is open to negotiations and changes as well. Rest you know it better than me, that he works for welfare. Working for 2 years longer can be tooling, but what if some comfortable work is given? As your government suggests?

You know there are countries in the world where people don’t get retirement benefits? They don’t go out on street and put on fire the public resources. Listen, pause and think, what is best for your country, how can you contribute to your lands? Why was it needed that it was pushed in?

All I want to say, the peaceful protest is no longer peaceful, and the opportunistic ones are burning the things and the image too. And all this when the world watches. This is time to stay strong holding hands of others, helping nation in its efforts to overcome the expenditure of Covid-19 and more.

Many countries on Earth are still struggling with the impacts of Pandemic, climate change, and natural disasters. See the other side, some places don’t even have free medical treatments, paid retirements, and nice treatments. France is allowing the protests, which shows they don’t want to stop freedom of speech. Else they could have stopped these marches. But why? Whom do you trust? Why destroy the image of democracy? Why march for so long, when each one of you has voted and selected a member of parliament of your choice? So, your representatives are there in parliament, talk to them, talk to your representatives that you selected as MP’s.

Let’s hope France Calm Down soon! Talk to your representatives that you what flexible options and if you want to avoid working till 64, what can be the repercussions of this? I heard France needs this reform, can you understand it more?

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