Robotics shall create new job market and shall create opportunities and a new world

We are headed with developments of AI and Robotics but one must know, as the apprehension says, robots will take away jobs. No, not at all, see making of phones didn’t took away jobs in the literal sense. That means yes landlines were mostly obsolete and redundant with the coming of mobile phones, but the market of phone and their use of it has been paramount. Mobile phones not only created more jobs but also more applications and has tremendously large use in daily life.

In the same way robotics may stop some old works but shall bring in more opportunities in areas that can involve manufacturing, training and new avenues of applications, which are unseen by current scenarios. Old works may slow down, but see what the future needs. If we are at some stagnated stage for more time there would be a deadlock, which can’t open up so fast.

Yes, the rate at which work in technology is going forward is very high but one need to refine what to know and where to progress forward in. For those, who need to change fields to fit in, this is tough but if the companies provide trainings to scale up that can be a good and a win-win for both side. We must know in past decade there had been a huge change in inceptions that were put forward, and this was the fast pace of last decade. Now, it’s just showing up.

The current mass layoffs were not because of technological automation, which is the most feared term these days, there has been a kind of mild recession and that has been its effect. When the economy booms mass recruitment shall also take place.

Why it is needed, that is why is technological advancement needed. It is because of technological advancement that so many new scientific discoveries are made, so many problems can be solved with AI, many new places in Universe are discovered, many new projects are made, and all this is still just a beginning, as with more advancements, we achieve more, we aim more and hence we gain a better life. A better life is everyone’s aim, at the end of the day, this is what everyone works for. In a better life, one can fulfill his or her dreams, but it all now needs technology. We are used to it and many more development may come that too can come fast like the wind.

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