#18. The Teddy Bear Robots

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is fictional as well and is based on fictional facts.

There in Nisa company, Mosik the HR of Helleny’s company came in to ask for some Robot for his child. All this as on his last visit to Nisa company, Mosik saw baby Robots as well. He entered Nisa company and referred to last dealing with Nisa company.

Mosik: Hi, I want to know about these baby teddy bears on the showroom. I saw them last time and it brought me here.

Nisa Executive: Yes Sir, these are Teddy Bear Robots.

Mosik: I came with my company people to buy the enterprise robot last week.

Nisa Executive: Oh, that is great Sir, I will take you to the manager’s office, please come.

The executive took him to the regional manager office.

Manager: Oh, I am so happy to meet you again Mr. Mosik.

Mosik: Thanks, buddy.

Manager: What are you looking for now, any issues?

Mosik: No, your robot has mesmerized everyone in the office and is performing well on all demos he is giving to his teams and office.

Manager: Thank you, these are well-tested and well-made robots.

Mosik: My son’s birthday is coming, I was wondering how these teddy bear robots work, the ones on showroom windows.

Manager: Oh, these are cute pieces of almost soft toys with little machinery.

Mosik: Ok, can I have a demo?

Manager: Yes sure, he called in the executive and told him about demo of a teddy bear.

Executive: It’s here the golden-coloured teddy bear robot.

Mosik: He is so nice, and he can walk. What’s in it? Can I know your name executive?

Executive: I am Ahha Mitali

Mosik: So Mr. Mitali, can I know a brief of what it is?

Manager: I will tell you. These are soft toys that are wired and connected to the brain of the teddy bear which have all functionality, they are soft, as they don’t have much functionality but AI. They are AI-powered soft toys.

Mosik: I see, how much intelligence they have?

Manager: Much more than an AI chatbot and the main thing is they are locomotives, they are charged like any robot. Yes, for sure a 15-year-old can handle it. He can talk, jump, run, take part in many other things and answer a lot of questions and provide many solutions. Also, help with the homework, apart from being there with you for Pizza and sprinkling oregano on Pizza, all with basic machinery.

Mosik: May I have your card Mr….

Manager: I am Khill Lorel, you can call me Khill

Mosik: Mr. Khill, I want just the replica of this golden teddy bear with advanced AI for my son. Here is my address. Let me know what all you need for me to buy this beautiful piece of science.

Khill: I will get it completed, have a seat. Mitali wrap it as a gift…

Mosik got other formalities completed.

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