#17. Master Robot Operating System Initialized

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Note: All characters here are fictional, story is fictional as well and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Heleny asked Marita steps to change the name of his robot and changed the name of his robot to Presso.

In the meantime, Heleny reached Nisa Robotics Company to see developments of company robot. He went there with the Manager of the team which would handle the company robot.

Nisa Company Executive: Good Morning Mr. Heleny. We were expecting you for finishing the setup of your company Robot.

Heleny: Yes, this is my second visit here for the Robot, what do you want to know? Btw, meet him, Aari, he is Manager of Project that will take care of developments with AI.

Aari: Hi!

Nisa Company Executive: So, the robot is ready, come I will show it to you. Here is he.

Heleny: Oh, he is bit heavy and bright.

Executive: Yes he is oversized as compared to other robots you have brought. This robot needs some extra computing powers hence he looks heavy as extra machinery is put into him.

Heleny: Yes, he has that screen in front of him as well as at back of him.

Executive: You need to enter certain details into him and restart him here only. We wanted to give you this opportunity so that any concerns can be answered here only. This is a complimentary service that Nisa Robotics provides for our top Robot buyers. You are buying a top-grade robot from us.

Heleny: Ok, don’t worry, we can do all that. After handling 3 normal robots we are all used to loading in the robot.

Executive: Yes, this is a complimentary and mandatory free service for you.

Aari: Heleny, let’s do it.

Heleny: Yes, ok let’s do it.

The executive started booting the system of Robot.

Executive: What name should be entered for the robot?

Heleny: I thought over his name, I came up with name Worko? How is that guys?

Executive: That is good.

Aari: Cool that sounds well as to he would have to work hard. Lols.

Heleny: Great then, let’s keep the name Worko.

The executive continued adding information as was asked by the startup program and Heleny provided the answers to be fed into the new Robot Operating System.

Executive: What kind of work shall the robot do primarily ?

Heleny: Reading coding languages, specs of documents, product requirements specifications, AI and other software requirements to develop and help in the development of the next-generation AI-based Management Information System for various use cases. This is one such project, we have many premium software products as well in which he shall assist us, in the modernization of propriety codes. Examples include generating AI spreadsheets, charts, summaries and so on.

Executive: Oh, that’s a huge task. I am switching to the option of parallel processing and high-performance computing in the robot.

Heleny: That’s fine. We want the robot to interact with our machines in a seamless ways.

Executive: That would be done.

Heleny: That’s nice.

Executive: If you wish the third and last complimentary service of Worko Robot can be done here or onsite in your office only.

Heleny: Onsite would be very nice.

Executive: We will install patches that needs manual upgrades today, tomorrow these things can be tested in your office.

Heleny: What say Aari?

Aari: Yes boss, that is fine. Let’s give them time and we’ll see the real demo tomorrow.

Heleny: Thanks, dear, see you tomorrow.

Heleny, Aari, and the team were waiting for Worko and the executive to come to the office, all paperwork for their entry to the office premises was completed. It was 10 am and all eyes were on the doors near to each person in office.

Nisa Company Executive called Heleny and they reached the reception and made the entry to office seamless for both the robot and the Executive.

Heleny: Cool, he looks nice. I have not seen such a robot bit healthy. Health of knowledge he has.

Executive: Yes Heleny, he is indeed. There are more slots that can be filled up in case you want more modules and there are spaces where the current hardware can be replaced by more modern hardware with newer software.

Aari: That is cool.

Marita and Thomas joined the team looking into Robot Worko as well.

Marita: This is exciting, would be present us with a demo Heleny?

Heleny: Tell us Executive?

Executive: Yes indeed. He is the Master Robot in AI and Tech both. Since you choose both options, hence he is the fattest of all known robots.

Thomas: Ok, where can we see his demo?

Marita called the cafeteria to order coffee and some snacks.

Helany: Till snacks come let us have some demo, let’s take him to the server room. We will test him over some test servers, not live servers.

Executive: Very well said and thought Heleny.

Thomas: Let’s get going and send him to server room?

Executive: You have to talk to him guys!

Heleny: Worko, follow us to server room, please.

They reached the server room.

Heleny: Master robot Worko, this is the server room, and here is the test server. Tell us what it is and how the data in it is?

Worko: Sure, connect me to test server with a usb port.

Thomas: I will do that Heleny.

Aari: Show the content, analysis and decisions. This is an old test server, which we have not cleaned of contents for long.

Worko: I am working on it, give me 10 minutes since you want both Master robots — tech and ai.

Hellany: Yes, snacks are here, let us go to conference room and have it till he reads the data.

Executive: There was no need for this Hellany. Still, thank you.

They had snacks with some talks on how Nisa company is progressing highly. Then they heard the sound of a beep.

Hellany: What was that? A washing machine beep like sound!

Executive: Let’s go, he has done processing the initial analysis.

The executive and all reached the server room.

Executive: Helany asks him if he is done processing as you should be interacting with him.

Helany: Are you done Worko?

Worko: Yes Hellany, Executive, and team. I am done and I am ready for the presentation.

Helany: Cool let’s go to the presentation room.

They all went to the conference room, and everyone was excited.

Worko: Here are insights on the initial test server. Everything is arranged in slides. Here it goes. The data is quite old, timestamps here show data to be obsolete. The covariance in the data in the folder called “data for company KLO” is highly uncorrelated there seem to be errors that need to be corrected. The other data on company KLO has use cases and codes have been written but the class diagrams do not tally with the use cases. However, the codes are in the programing language ‘java’ . They use applets that can be replaced with newer developments in form display. The algorithm calculates the financial market analysis and the profits that can be generated for customers of KLO company. KLO is your client for software development and is paying heavily for software maintenance and development. Here are some graphs from input and outputs generated by KLO company and your company’s software outputs.

Worko showed some graphs, and charts, as well as future predictions of the company. The company relies on your company from A-Z of software and Data Science work. We can present to them more kinds of stuffs. I also generated a code in java to end the report with integrating predictions in their software for their customers. Here it is.

And the story continues………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought robot. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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