#21. The Robotic Girlfriend

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading.

It was a dusky summer evening, I was sitting with my cup of coffee, when I got to read an article on robotic girlfriends. This was published in the top newspaper of my time. Yes, the date today is 25th August 2043.

The title of the newspaper article intruded me to read the article. What is in the article? I was wondering, wondering, and wondering. Then I gained some pressure from within to read it, given I was a single male in my 50’s and life was just going monotonous for me. I looked in for a summary of the article but there was none. So here I started reading my article. Here is the article.

The Robotic Girlfriend

In today’s world, when men and women compete for position, power, and professions. The separation rates are high, as are the rates of number of unmarried men and women. Women are adopting children while men are living on their own. Nisa Robotics Company did a survey of these facts and came out with a research analysis. Their research paper was published in the top Social Science Journal.

The research showed women are happy this way, but men are not. This made Nisa Robotics Company, make first the robotic girlfriend. The company stated in its annual meeting that it shall also make robotic boyfriends but not in this year. They said they believe in quality; hence they are going to take time to make the male counterparts of robots. The male robotics boyfriends shall come in sooner.

In this launch worldwide Nisa Robotics Company announced its fleet of robotic girlfriends available at the nominal prize. The key features of Nisa Robotic Girlfriends are, that they can take care of emotions, can do gentle talks, can be trained as per the routine of the owner, and also know all house works just like robot Tiso, the first male robot of Nisa Company. Further, they can sing, and entertain as well. All these are pluggable features. A person can have a serious girlfriend or one that cracks jokes as well, all these things are as per the liking of the owners. These features can be configured.

“The number of robots made available for sale is 1000 as of now. Hence, we recommend ordering yours at the earliest. Grant of robotic girlfriend is on basis of need and hence fill in the forms well. The next fleet shall be available with public notice, as we want everyone with requirement the right to have the robotic pals. That is it, for now, we assure you the robots shall be indistinguishable from humans and shall fill in empty space in the life of humans in this world. The robotic boyfriends shall be released in a public notice as well. The status of robotic boyfriends is under work still, given they need to be more enhanced and do not quite learn from data available on the internet.”

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