Glaciers Melting, some insights, some containment’s, some reasons

Note: These are my own individual ideas, these need scientific community to understand the proposal. If the proposal is well accepted by global communities, then it must be simulated on computer to be applied. These are proposals, how the science proves it right is another thing. So simulate on model first if it works outContinue reading “Glaciers Melting, some insights, some containment’s, some reasons”

Bye August 2022, A month to remember

Goodbye August 2022. It was a mixed month, with all kinds of Global News, to atmospheric phenomenons. Let’s hope September 2022 shall be better. For a better month for all us, let’s pray. Let’s pray! Below are my non technical articles form the shelf of August 2022. Articles for Thought 1. Something fishy: fresh waterContinue reading “Bye August 2022, A month to remember”

On this Divine Edge, A Poem

#imagionary #poem Note: All characters here in poem are fictional. This lyrics is completely imaginary and bears no resemblance to real life or anyone in real life. On this divine edge I fly to meet you Daring to bare all the boundaries That stops my voice to reach you .. On this divine edge IContinue reading “On this Divine Edge, A Poem”

Accomplishing a Goal  – Personified Recipe

Ask and you shall get it Versus Power of Subconcious Mind Versus Law of Attraction Here are my views on three measures, these are not mutually exclusive, and some do cross in others boundaries. Have a goal, want to achieve it? Read self-help books and motivational books? Before following a theory, want to relook? Yes, this isContinue reading “Accomplishing a Goal  – Personified Recipe”

Success & Life Satisfaction – Personified Recipe

Reading and listening to talks about the best success recipe which suits oneself and even others, is an inquisition to human minds. Some want to read the Life Recipe and others want to study Success Recipe, many consider both these aims inter-correlated, well that is true. Now why the word personified Recipe, as this depends on one person toContinue reading “Success & Life Satisfaction – Personified Recipe”

Rivers, Lakes & Ponds – The Water Bodies on verge of extinction & pollution. The Reverse Gear.

#rivers #pollution #purewater Where do one gets the pure water? The water of rivers used to be associated with purity and spirituality, just till some millenniums back it’s not that same, no it’s not the same, as they used to be. However, let’s not go in these tougher terms, let us just consider water needsContinue reading “Rivers, Lakes & Ponds – The Water Bodies on verge of extinction & pollution. The Reverse Gear.”

Limits and Laws On Flying Vehicles & Flying Objects

Note: This article is based on my views on the topic. This does not relate to any government in anywhere on globe, this does not comes from any ruling party in world. These are my own independent viewpoints, whether in law already or not in law, irrespective of that. This week saw the news ofContinue reading “Limits and Laws On Flying Vehicles & Flying Objects”

Forest that are burnt, Why not Treated Sewage Water send Before Time, Data Needed#Climate_Change

Note: We pray for & feel the griefs of people who faced this. The article is just about somethings that humans can do to save the losses of self. Others and of Nature. Fires are natural losses as well. Now let us not avoid to know gallons of sewage water is put in rivers andContinue reading “Forest that are burnt, Why not Treated Sewage Water send Before Time, Data Needed#Climate_Change”

Gentle Thought of The Day

We are stronger than our fears. To this saying, listen, or hear in a way, everyday, may be someway to remind it. “Listen Loud, Speak Inside and Breathe in Energy” Energy is all over in Universe, believe and Universe may give more than what was needed. In summary, we are stronger than our fears. NoContinue reading “Gentle Thought of The Day”