The Ocean with bright stars inside a Watery Empty Sky

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it. The concepts of article are taken from my book: The Towers ofContinue reading “The Ocean with bright stars inside a Watery Empty Sky”

Whale’s Doctor Stuff

It’s sad to hear that each year so many whales loose lives by landing up on busy or isolated islands and entering lands. Here are some questions and answers that we seek with help of these questions. This article is about how whale’s doctors can help in these lost big fishes! Do whales need doctors?Continue reading “Whale’s Doctor Stuff”

The Tree Women, Arts, Paints

Note: The facts, arts, depiction here are all imaginative. The names and association of topic to trees is imaginary and is for purpose of art only. All concepts here are fictitious and bear no relation and resemblance to real life science and phenomenons. This is the green tree Angel, she lives in trees, her nameContinue reading “The Tree Women, Arts, Paints”

Conference on Climate, COP27 2022

Most of it starts with climate. There is nothing without climate. Hence one must take climate and environment into any decision making. What we are experiencing and what we are, as people of Earth, today is at some significant percentage related to climate change handling, and environmental factors. If we remind ourselves there have beenContinue reading “Conference on Climate, COP27 2022”

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes art (Reference DAAL-E)

Some art made with Artificial Intelligence ( DAAL-E2). Why I draw as I love art myself. Note: These images are produced by DAAL-E2 Here it is – I asked DAAL-E to draw a horse in city, office and restaurant. These are the art images AI made with DAAL-E

(Fiction) The New Science- I, The Infinite Rainbows

Note: This is completely fictional story, the concepts are fictional as well. All characters in story are fictional and bears no resemblance to anyone in real or imaginary lives. There is no assistance of anyone who is living or passed away. All story concepts are imaginary #sciencefiction #scific #fiction #imagionary Cast: The fictional cast isContinue reading “(Fiction) The New Science- I, The Infinite Rainbows”


Here in this article I cover UFO, truth or fiction as two sides of some coin called UFO. Some points are mentioned here in this article and I shall come back on this analysis again, in continuation with these points. It’s everywhere seen, why this article calls it fiction? The reason is the very questionContinue reading “UFO— TRUTH OR FICTION – Part I”

Tax Cuts. The Ecosystem of Economics of Tax.

Here are my views on the Economic of Tax for Global Views, not specific to any region. This article was written after reading of Tax cuts in one of the worlds Best Economies- UK. Pay Taxes, but why? As taxation is a way to develop a country or a state (in case a state isContinue reading “Tax Cuts. The Ecosystem of Economics of Tax.”