The new Bot Miso— Day 2

#fiction #scific #sciencefic Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. Ted: Hey, Miso. Bot: Good Morning Sir. Ted: Good Morning. Bot: How are you doing? Ted: I am good. I will make a coffee now. Bot: I am fullyContinue reading “The new Bot Miso— Day 2”

Which social media should people use now?

Twitter Post Deal or Twitter Sale, what should it be called? Musk must be richest man on Earth, but that doesn’t make him the owner of Earth. Yes he owns Twitter for sure now. From building a bed room in office for employees, to extended work hours, to carrying  a washbasin on the day dealContinue reading “Which social media should people use now?”

Entertainment is a source of Energy too!

Ever thought ? How entertainment is a source of energy ? How I cant prove mathematically here– May be someday when I get time– I can try ! But — You can do a survey on it—– When you watch entertain things, or read them, be it a cartoon made by a cartoonist, or readContinue reading “Entertainment is a source of Energy too!”

Your Colorful Sky-I

The blue sky up there Gives you so much strength All through the long days And through the dreaming nights ………………………… The blue sky Stands like a rock Right up there Protects you from all the things Beyond the direct reach …………………….. The magenta clouds shining Below the magenta and bluish sky Express the ardourContinue reading “Your Colorful Sky-I”

Just Because We Can Dream Much More Than What There Is

Just because we can dream much more than what there is We believe Just because we can think more than what can be done now We try …………………… Just that we can draw what is not here We paint Just because there is more beauty in praising We praise ……. Full poem coming soon…as nobodyContinue reading “Just Because We Can Dream Much More Than What There Is”