10 minutes – Potatoes-Split Chickpeas MashUp Salad (oil free)

Ingredients: 4 potatoes, half bowl split chickpeas, red chilli, black pepper, salt.  #MashupSalad No oil needed. Pulses are good for health, split chick peas not only add taste to this mashup potato salad, but also are high on proteins and very good for health.  So this is a tasty nutritious thing. Step 1. Take 4 potatoes.Continue reading “10 minutes – Potatoes-Split Chickpeas MashUp Salad (oil free)”

Colored Papers of your Love – Let Each Day be the Day of Colors Dipped in Our Love, my love!

Here is audio file on YouTube Podcast Link: https://audiomack.com/nidhikahobby/song/the-colored-papers-of-our-love The colored papers of our love Let it spiral round  Twist and curve Just like we love The colored papers of our love One day will hold in ink  Our stories of separation Our joys of meetings And one day the colored papers of our loveContinue reading “Colored Papers of your Love – Let Each Day be the Day of Colors Dipped in Our Love, my love!”

Emotional maturity and mental maturity

Emotional maturity and mental maturity when in one packet it adds shine to diamonds. Some are good at emotional intelligence but can’t solve problems which requires higher brain intelligence. However, good news is emotional intelligence can be learned. Yeah everyone have different levels of functioning of brains, but emotional intelligence can be taught. It canContinue reading “Emotional maturity and mental maturity”

Professionalism – A short note

Professionalism in work, means in work objectives, the way it is executed, implemented and presented to stakeholder (internal or external). Categories of professions: 1. government sector, 2. private sector or 3. self owned. You can be a programmer in govt or private sector. But expectations changes in both. If you are in govt services/defence, then,Continue reading “Professionalism – A short note”

Meditations and benefits – My personal catalogue

Note: I added that YouTube on Moses Code, in my last article to emphasise what Moses code is, and not really checked the sounds in it then. I didn’t referred the sounds, I meant the power of words “I am, That. I am.” My personal healing sounds and meditation I referred are from Dr SteveContinue reading “Meditations and benefits – My personal catalogue”

Understand from the experienced, wait for your time to give fruits, let the plant mature to tree

The post explains why it is important to understand from the experienced. The following was a post very active on LinkedIn, I take it as an example to tell, that ask, those who have seen more in this area. Area excepts or subject matter experts as they are called. The people who took her loverContinue reading “Understand from the experienced, wait for your time to give fruits, let the plant mature to tree”

Right there in that star, oh my love

There you see that star My heart is with you Give back ❤️ It shines white But when in love with her He sparkles colours of vividity There is his house Right onto there Right there in that star When she goes to meet him In his star, right there in his star We areContinue reading “Right there in that star, oh my love”

Healing Sounds and It’s Benifits

We as in humans need healing, so as to connect to our souls and spirits to guide our minds well. Birds heal all animals around in forests daily with beautiful voices. Plants by the variety of mistful airs. And humans is a species, much more complex than most other living being on Planet Earth. TheContinue reading “Healing Sounds and It’s Benifits”

Butterflies, we are your butterflies

All the butterflies whisper to ask me Is the love filled moments That we spend in each other’s arms All I seek is you hoy love Can I get what I seek There in the garden I met an ant He asked me your name And told me He is lucky man And bound toContinue reading “Butterflies, we are your butterflies”