AI as a threat- This is misinformation

It was a strange video (given in reference) I watched yesterday, where in Elon Musk was shown to be saying-something like “AI is a threat to humanity”. Well firstly if it was Elon himself, then Tesla uses so much of AI in its devises, vehicles and even now Elon plans to have a chip inContinue reading “AI as a threat- This is misinformation”

Bye November 2022, Hello December 2022

Hi everyone, It was a long eventful November. I hope your November was well. Here are my notes from November in case you missed out my articles on other blogs. I wish you all a nice December, stay warm in winters. Global Issues How much is enough! North Korean — Compete in Tech and ScienceContinue reading “Bye November 2022, Hello December 2022”

China Protests: Temporary or Permanent Marks

The recent protests in China, are quite a surprising thing, it’s been three years now, since the outbreak of Corona pandemic, some of the traces started in Wuhan, China. The stringent and strict conditions in which the people of parts of China were in year 2020, was tough. But there were no protests back then.Continue reading “China Protests: Temporary or Permanent Marks”

Scotland’s referendum; Don’t be brainwashed

Scotland’s referendum was rejected today. The speech seemed like a brainwashing talk to brainwash the audience, and it was really brainwashing. Don’t blame them for your failures, tell them what solution you have for citizens. A famous saying says, “Don’t blame others for your inactions”. My question is simple, had the leaders of Scotland providedContinue reading “Scotland’s referendum; Don’t be brainwashed”

AI based Pets and Animal Care in Your Absence. “Duck Duck Go” Pets.

AI based animal and pets care can be done in No this does not mean animals will speak or write or use laptop. Just they would be able to tell their happiness, problems to the bots who may guide them well. Maybe humans shall help them in this learning journey. And when the person comesContinue reading “AI based Pets and Animal Care in Your Absence. “Duck Duck Go” Pets.”

Paints of the week- 3rd week November 2022

Here are my this week’s paintings. You can buy these they are available on NFT to buy, at link on He, She and Love – Collection | OpenSea This is a frosty time of the day, the following painting of the day depicts the same. Next is a serene sunlight day, by the sideContinue reading “Paints of the week- 3rd week November 2022”

The Making and Daily Baking Charges, The Climate Sensitivity Index is Guide to Future

The aim of this article is to elaborate that climate change is not just in hands of some, but in careful analysis of many. One must be aware of the climate sensitivity index of each one of us. How much climate weight do we carry today, weekly and how much is our climate sensitivity indexContinue reading “The Making and Daily Baking Charges, The Climate Sensitivity Index is Guide to Future”

My lovely love My amazing love (Short Poem)

Here is a greeting warm and gentle I can read your moves I am expressing my love For you Oh my adorable lover You are my lovely love .. And how much I love Want to be with you near my man My lovely man Who is so handsome in looks And Who is soContinue reading “My lovely love My amazing love (Short Poem)”

Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI in Education is opening its avenues and wings of AI are flying high over the entire education sector from primary to high schools, graduate and more levels. Right now, even ICT based education is not fully used to grassroot levels, yet its significance can’t be ruled out. However, Internet and communication technologies are notContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in Education”