Why to scold a child?

Why to scold a child? A child is a so young a person in growing years. Before adulthood the child already have to face teenage years, which are themselves hard on children, as child have to fight all those changes happening in body with plethora of information that he/she needs to process. Hence, the motherContinue reading “Why to scold a child?”

Lets make Earth fertile

This short article is to present to you the implications of small efforts in a bigger picture of a fertile planet. Land fertility, why should it be a topic of concern? This is because there is famine and lack of food, and water in the world. Fertile lands can play a pivotal role in initializingContinue reading “Lets make Earth fertile”

Can computers make high level decisions?

It’s said that computers can’t be held accountable so can’t make decisions. Well first of all it is well said, by the author of this quote. I read it on LinkedIn. The aim stated that computers produce decisions while humans make decisions. The decision of computers can vary from small washing machine timer and alarmsContinue reading “Can computers make high level decisions?”

TikTok Replacement. What does its replacement look like?

It’s replacement is not ready but it’s equivalent can be given a welcome. With everyone eying some or other fault with TikTok, why can’t we have a replacement of TikTok, not the same, but some app that can take care of the issues behind the TikTok inappropriate effects on youth, children and adults equally. It’sContinue reading “TikTok Replacement. What does its replacement look like?”

Which social media should people use now?

Twitter Post Deal or Twitter Sale, what should it be called? Musk must be richest man on Earth, but that doesn’t make him the owner of Earth. Yes he owns Twitter for sure now. From building a bed room in office for employees, to extended work hours, to carrying  a washbasin on the day dealContinue reading “Which social media should people use now?”

Biodiversity-What Next!!

Biodiversity is one big term for ecosystems, the diverse species and their genetic variations of kinds known. These should include the term unknown as well, for the complete list of diverse species of flora and fauna since centuries are all not documented. We don’t know who else were there on earth before mankind started toContinue reading “Biodiversity-What Next!!”

Working Four days a week- A more comprehensive survey is required

Note: These facts are based on personal observations and can be analysed by a broader survey. This is a recent norm, at many places, where work is now as four days a week. This was welcomed by many many and those who love to work five days a week never said a word about it.Continue reading “Working Four days a week- A more comprehensive survey is required”