China Protests: Temporary or Permanent Marks

The recent protests in China, are quite a surprising thing, it’s been three years now, since the outbreak of Corona pandemic, some of the traces started in Wuhan, China. The stringent and strict conditions in which the people of parts of China were in year 2020, was tough. But there were no protests back then.Continue reading “China Protests: Temporary or Permanent Marks”

Scotland’s referendum; Don’t be brainwashed

Scotland’s referendum was rejected today. The speech seemed like a brainwashing talk to brainwash the audience, and it was really brainwashing. Don’t blame them for your failures, tell them what solution you have for citizens. A famous saying says, “Don’t blame others for your inactions”. My question is simple, had the leaders of Scotland providedContinue reading “Scotland’s referendum; Don’t be brainwashed”

Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI in Education is opening its avenues and wings of AI are flying high over the entire education sector from primary to high schools, graduate and more levels. Right now, even ICT based education is not fully used to grassroot levels, yet its significance can’t be ruled out. However, Internet and communication technologies are notContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in Education”

Climate Change and Efforts! Prehistoric Times to Modern Days

With deep regrets to all loses, personal or professional, I write this article, for betterment of planet, so that no more, we have to face looses, in any form of life. Please accept my deepest condolences for the losses. There was this place, in Universe. Everything was in abundance, there was greenery, animals, birds andContinue reading “Climate Change and Efforts! Prehistoric Times to Modern Days”

How much is enough! Compete in Tech and Science Now ! North Korea !

How much is enough with no cause? North Korea was made established around 1945 where in the Russians influenced the North of Korea while the South of Korea was supported by the Americas. This was around the end of World War II. Then in fifties the internal Korean war, fully separated the North and SouthContinue reading “How much is enough! Compete in Tech and Science Now ! North Korea !”

Whale’s Doctor Stuff

It’s sad to hear that each year so many whales loose lives by landing up on busy or isolated islands and entering lands. Here are some questions and answers that we seek with help of these questions. This article is about how whale’s doctors can help in these lost big fishes! Do whales need doctors?Continue reading “Whale’s Doctor Stuff”

Conference on Climate, COP27 2022

Most of it starts with climate. There is nothing without climate. Hence one must take climate and environment into any decision making. What we are experiencing and what we are, as people of Earth, today is at some significant percentage related to climate change handling, and environmental factors. If we remind ourselves there have beenContinue reading “Conference on Climate, COP27 2022”

Is Rishi Sunak, among the topmost richest people in UK ? So why is he contesting Elections? Let’s Understand

Rishi Sunak is son-in-law of one of the topmost IT Tech Giant in India ( N. R. Narayana Murthy, the Indian billionaire businessman who founded Infosys with two children, one of whom is Sunak’s wife). The couple Rishi Sunak and his wife owns a net worth of around 770 million and is around 222nd inContinue reading “Is Rishi Sunak, among the topmost richest people in UK ? So why is he contesting Elections? Let’s Understand”

(Global). UK’s yet another PM- Who & Why

Let us understand the situation of politics in UK. The elected candidate Liz Truss failed to deliver when given the charge. Given the political situation wherein the present and previous leaders had to leave for one cause or another. All these lead to a state of confusion among general public in the country and evenContinue reading “(Global). UK’s yet another PM- Who & Why”