Right there in that star, oh my love

There you see that star My heart is with you Give back ❤️ It shines white But when in love with her He sparkles colours of vividity There is his house Right onto there Right there in that star When she goes to meet him In his star, right there in his star We areContinue reading “Right there in that star, oh my love”

Butterflies, we are your butterflies

All the butterflies whisper to ask me Is the love filled moments That we spend in each other’s arms All I seek is you hoy love Can I get what I seek There in the garden I met an ant He asked me your name And told me He is lucky man And bound toContinue reading “Butterflies, we are your butterflies”

I am the mermaid cuddled in your love

“https://youtu.be/-K_Q4UzE06E”, here it is sung, written and directed by me, @nidhk , Nidhika Yadav Oh, merman I am the mermaid, I can fly, I can run To be cuddled in your love As we cuddle high in love In this star Right in this star We make one We make love Even though I amContinue reading “I am the mermaid cuddled in your love”

Forever – Song by Nidhika

This is a song, written, directed and sung by me. Forever the star shall shine Forever the moon will be lit Forever love shall persist Forever you shall be mine And forever I shall be your beloved Here is this song sung in my voice “https://youtu.be/VK0lM6cTeL4” Forever the star shall shine Forever the moon willContinue reading “Forever – Song by Nidhika”

LoveBook 5, Song 1, Shaken By Your Love

Here is my 1st song from my LoveBook 5, sung in my own voice, music direction by me only. All in half hour. Given I am always so busy. My voice may seem bit different in each song, as a kid I used to make exact replica voices of many popular movie actors as well,Continue reading “LoveBook 5, Song 1, Shaken By Your Love”

Pains Book: Song 6. Your Love was Malevolence

Here is song 6 of my book Pains, the third Poem Book. Title of Song is “Your Love was Malevolence” This is sung by me in my voice, all on my own. YouTube Link is here of song in my own voice: Your Love Was Malevolence Enmity of heart Is embedded in you It wasContinue reading “Pains Book: Song 6. Your Love was Malevolence”

Call Me, through Stars and Moons, My Song

Here is my third poem from my first book, sung in my own voice, subscribe to my YouTube Hobby channel for more… Call me, Call me baby Through the echoing voice Through the woods and roads Call Me Through the bubbles in water Call me Call me baby call me I am waiting, call meContinue reading “Call Me, through Stars and Moons, My Song”

This Vase is But my heart

This is not a vaseBut my heartMy love embedded deep in thy soulIt’s not a vase that I see hereBut thou, my belovedThis vase holds me, the flowersAnd the love song between mein and thy holding strongTogether we are in this vase bonding our loveWhich spreads as aroma all aroundLove ripens as the flowers bloomContinue reading “This Vase is But my heart”