The Sprit of Mother Nature

#sprituality #climate_change This is a short article of how materialistic worlds and spiritual worlds walk together at times of calamities people call Spirit of Mother Nature as well as for science of climate change. Given the climate extremes and weather impacts on lives. Deny it or not so many people speaking of Mother Nature isContinue reading “The Sprit of Mother Nature”

Biodiversity-What Next!!

Biodiversity is one big term for ecosystems, the diverse species and their genetic variations of kinds known. These should include the term unknown as well, for the complete list of diverse species of flora and fauna since centuries are all not documented. We don’t know who else were there on earth before mankind started toContinue reading “Biodiversity-What Next!!”

Working Four days a week- A more comprehensive survey is required

Note: These facts are based on personal observations and can be analysed by a broader survey. This is a recent norm, at many places, where work is now as four days a week. This was welcomed by many many and those who love to work five days a week never said a word about it.Continue reading “Working Four days a week- A more comprehensive survey is required”

Bye November 2022, Hello December 2022

Hi everyone, It was a long eventful November. I hope your November was well. Here are my notes from November in case you missed out my articles on other blogs. I wish you all a nice December, stay warm in winters. Global Issues How much is enough! North Korean — Compete in Tech and ScienceContinue reading “Bye November 2022, Hello December 2022”

AI based Pets and Animal Care in Your Absence. “Duck Duck Go” Pets.

AI based animal and pets care can be done in No this does not mean animals will speak or write or use laptop. Just they would be able to tell their happiness, problems to the bots who may guide them well. Maybe humans shall help them in this learning journey. And when the person comesContinue reading “AI based Pets and Animal Care in Your Absence. “Duck Duck Go” Pets.”

Paints of the week- 3rd week November 2022

Here are my this week’s paintings. You can buy these they are available on NFT to buy, at link on He, She and Love – Collection | OpenSea This is a frosty time of the day, the following painting of the day depicts the same. Next is a serene sunlight day, by the sideContinue reading “Paints of the week- 3rd week November 2022”

My lovely love My amazing love (Short Poem)

Here is a greeting warm and gentle I can read your moves I am expressing my love For you Oh my adorable lover You are my lovely love .. And how much I love Want to be with you near my man My lovely man Who is so handsome in looks And Who is soContinue reading “My lovely love My amazing love (Short Poem)”

Book of Destinies — The Medical Childhood Dreams and Love

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The book of destiny is a fictional book. #story #imagination #Book_of_Destinies Moral of the Story: If you keep doing for what you want to achieve, slowly and steadily you can win. PrayersContinue reading “Book of Destinies — The Medical Childhood Dreams and Love”