Two Girls: Fairy Tales – A story to live!

(All characters in this poem are fictitious and does not exist. Its is purely for imaginary dreamily fictional purpose for pleasures, art and entertainment only. Audience age > 21 )

About my new book-

This is my upcoming book—“Two Girls and One Body” . A must read for fairy tales fun and cherishing the beauty of spirits!

In this novel which you can consider as a fairy tale or a fiction as you like you will find the beauty and duty of these two spirits as they open their wings on Earth. They came from MPlanet-The magical Planet to fight for their twin planet problems–which is Earth! Here is the poem that describes them and my book some parts. Two Girls: Fairy Tales

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Summary to the story(novel) -“Two Girls One Body”

Up in skies on two clouds, blue and grey. We sit and dance, till it rains. Yes we are two girls, two female spirits. Why we come on Earth, we come in one body and as two spirits. She is my mother and I am her daughter. On its not a horror story as we are fairies. This is a big enough an introduction. We came here to enjoy the fruits of Earth, the joy of Earths and most importantly to experience the love of Earth all along following our duties. For this planet is a place of duty for us. We don’t like coming here enough but the fruits they grow and the flower that blossom call us and we cant reject such lovely greetings.

We are two spirits but one, we are separate but inseparable. We are one but she is elder, we like fun but she dominates with her experience. This is not our tale but our truth. You will learn more of us and our hearts, our love and our challenges as we climb up the highest hills. Hills of treasures of wisdom and not lacking troubles of the days. All that for one man– the man she loves–yes one man!

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Sketch I: Theme – Two Women In One Body

This is a sketch of shades they both are sparking into. Two women in one body they are. As can be seen their body are visible in their faces. Both have a different figures, see if you can point it, different eyebrows and even different eye colors.

More on this I shall upload in coming times.

Here is them together. Can you see their bodies up in the sketch of their faces ?

Goodbye Past

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Goodbye, To the past, To the history

Goodbye, To all I was, As here I am

Brand new in my attire,

The new avatar, For time never waits for anyone, and so shall I!

For Tides never are same,

For moon never stops shining. I will shine brighter, more vibrant than yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Good bye yesterday, today I have taken off the old sunburnt skin.

Let me get my new tan in the bright yellow sun.

Let the sun shy down looking at this amazement.

Let it fly past its light right on me and greet me a good morning.

Hey Sun ! Look on here—-I am a butterfly with new wings and new beauty ready to fly over the sunflowers you send me !

Yes right here! Good bye all the pains and tears..

Good bye all the critics for I love all the warmth of touches by even the smallest words.

Good bye all the old thought for I love new challenges and new vibrances that shadow down on to me.

Good bye ducks, see me tommorow in my new newness….

You will know its me for my care wont change, my love for my fellows will remain the same

I am just shedding the old torn out skin

But my heart remains the same

By feelings are even more stronger, more tougher and more generous!

Good bye past as i embrace the future through the present

In all that my time can control

In all that I can do

I did the best I can with the most I had

For a better tomorrow

A new morning

A newer afternoon

And better nights after the shades of fears wipes off

From surface to air

From air to water

Form water to land

good bye grief

For only happiness survive where I thrive!

Artificial Human Simulation of Medical Products

Lot of vaccines have come up in market and medical stores. Many claims efficacy of in seventy percent to some in ninety percent. Some have side effects reported and some have doubts of blood clotting’s. Question is a a random sampling enough for a rapidly injected in society cure for virus ? It is good enough since the side effects are in very few people who were diagnosed. Do some just ignore it? And do some just don’t care to notice it ? And may be it benefits outweighs it side effects. And may be some are too sensitive to it? Well all that is part of growing up the medical systems.

No advance is made in one day, but yes it needs a force to start it. The question a common man can ask is — If we can simulate artificial satellite landings to other space missions. What about things back home on Earth ? Can we simulate a human body, make a computer simulation of it? Heart surgeries are performed on by robotics assistance-that means AI can get in working of heart well. Well guys all one need is to connect all the organs in the simulation on a computer.

The input to one organ is the output of another and vice versa. It can help in detecting the side effects which are specific to some humans and not all—-if any such exists –in the first case. But for sure we wont need human trials to this big extent if the mission of simulating medicines on a human body with a particular genomic structure and specific body needs can be performed on a computer.

This is a real and big use of AI to serve man kind which created it-AI! Yes man created it! And let it serve humans to assist in seeing the unseen things within the human system. Why human trials of drugs that were never been tested before ?! May be the need of the hour as of now ! We have no option ! But in future it can happen on a computer system. Too high an ambition to be met. But journey starts with a step. May be not a right time now, given the pressure on systems. But a must thing for post-covid world. Welcome new AI based health care systems in pot-corona days!


Tides of Life

These tides flow through me

These tides don’t stop

So how can I stop, oh my love

Let me flow in these vast tides

Tides of love

Tides of passion

Tides of challenges

They carry me to distant places

All to come back with a victory flag

These tides are my boats roads

They take me there

They move me here

They bring me back

Back to my home

Let me rest

Let them weep away all the grief they brought

And cherish all the fun accompanied

These tides blow me upside down

Through thick waters and thin air thy move

All around water

All around the sea

Oceans beneath

These tides don’t stop

Even when I stop

They remind me of my things

These tides

They take me to far off places

All alone and profoundly safe

All time jumping and riding

No excuse they hear

They know what thy want

Justice they seek

As they take

new challenges on my behalf

These tides

Give me the warmth

They protect my charm

These tides are so huge

They are so powerful

Still thy bend at me

When I say Its over

But do they listen


And Yes both!

For they have to go on

Come whatever

These tides are the challenges

I solve

The diffulties that come and go

They take me there

No no mans lands

And back again to this place

All in dreams

Many in daylight Some in evenings

And so many in early mornings

These tides dip me in pure water

They make me shriek

They shook me

They shake me

For I need to warm up too

To resolve the problems it unfolds

Life has tides

Memories gives us rides

To all unseen

But forseen worlds

Learn from us

Befriend the tides

The tides of life

Through the miseries but to the good times

For they promise to make one stronger as

It takes one out of the tide to the safe beaches of life

To enjoy the hardships with little drinks

and joyous laughs

for the rollercoster rides

The tides gave all the way

I love the tides that made me strong

So little to say

So much to thanks

To you the tides

For taking me

For making me

For loving me

And more making me do the undoable

These tides

The tides of life

The tides of nights

The tides of sunset and sunrise

The tides of days——-

The tides of life

Forever you may go

Come whenever you may need me

For I am ready to handle your wisefullness

And your tenderness

In all your wildness

You oh my little buts till huge tides

You are welcome

Come with peace

Remind me the things

Enjoy the company!

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Tomato Sole Fish Curry

Here is my recipe for delicious, mouth watering way to make Sole fish curry. Fish curry can be made in many ways, here the base I have chosen is primarily tomato!

  1. Clean Sole Fish with water several times
  2. Cut it in small pieces with knife to remove a smell associate with Sole fish for better aroma and tastes
  3. Use two -three lemons and rub it well on these small pieces on all sides
  4. Put three tablespoon of salt in the bowl containing the Sole fish with lemon and mix the salt and lemon juice well with fish pieces
  5. Let it be in bowl for half an hour
  6. Take out the fish pieces and put in pan containing heated oil
  7. Fry the fish pieces till thy turn golden, close the lid of gas once done.
  8. Till them prepare tomato curry for fish.
  9. Heat oil -4 tablespoons
  10. Put cumin and ginger-garlic paste in it.
  11. Put chopped onions in pan. Fry it till it changes color to golden.
  12. Grind two tomatoes in mixer and put it in the pan.
  13. Fry it till oil separates from mixture
  14. Put fried fish pieces in the curry in pan
  15. Add spices in the pan as per taste–red chilli, green chilli, fresh curry leaves, black pepper, turmeric powder, salt (black salt or white salt, as per taste), cloves, cinnamon, to mention a few—you can try various combinations to check so many flavors! !
  16. Let it heat and absorb the spices for around 10 minutes
  17. Do not overheat, fish will mash up otherwise
  18. Put in bowl and do put coriander leaves for more flavor

Fumes from Your Love Melting

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To Fumes, I am turning to

Stop this gaze

Its melting my soul

Its getting in my spirit

Though my body that you touch

To the fumes I am converting to

Fumes that cant hurt

Fumes that cant burn

Fumes that are so soft

Fumes that are so smooth

Fumes that care, Fumes that heal

Fumes of beauty and dream

All fumes are not to hurt

These fumes are to love

Look up in sky oh my dear

You will see all the beautiful fumes

Dancing in spaces –yes up there in Skies!

They are fumes of love, fumes of desires…

fumes of all there is—-care to shower!

But ohh my dear lover….

Don’t ever stop this gaze

Cos even if I don’t say

I dream to be aspired you my man

Let me turn to fumes

Fumes of desire

Cherished through our love

Let our love spread

These are not fumes of ash

But Fumes of love

Fumes of passion

and Fumes of our joyous times together

Yes all that we had together

When my heart like a candle melt

The beautiful aroma of this love

You can smell it all around you

Hear from a pure heart

Smell from a desired urge

Its just love and love

That is all around us

Ask the cosmos to fill in the wax which I burn

When we love

The wax of love

The candle is our temple

A place to worship

What we call LOVE!

Oh my love—

The fumes of my love are translucent

Still you can see them

Look up in sky

The purple fumes

Our love blended up in stars

To mix and fix

Towards a happier times

Look a little more higher

You see them turn

Back to Flowers–The wax of love, I need to melt again

In your love, In our love

Up in space

from where it came

Messenger of love

To sparkle our lives

To melt our hearts

And to turn back to fumes

of love

As their Mission Accomplished !

Task done well

For these were flowers from space

to burst in our hearts

With beats unexperienced

With heart rythyms unheard

With amazing smells and tastes

In the daily things we do

Things we never noticed around exits

As wax in candles of our hearts

Always filled up to brim

Never does our candles of love


It keeps melting

And I melt to become the fumes

The love we have

There thy go –the fumes

Up in sky

Back again

To where thy came from

To lighten our lives

with all the brightness

they had to offer

They are love droplets from up from space

I ask for more

More love

More joy

I ask thy Sky

To shower back more

Such flowers

More such droplets of wax

in the candles of my heart

For I want to melt more and more in

your gaze

For I want to turn back to fumes

the fumes of desire

And go back up in space

For I want to turn them to

fumes again

when I melt in our love

when I melt in his love

to fumes

Fumes that dont smell like ash

But Fumes all around that is much more than the best perfume

the scent of love

is the best in world

keep coming back

the raw material of the bricks of love

I like to melt these concretes

back to serene fumes

and send them

tell them

the stars and the moon

yes listen to me –the stars and the moon

the planets and cosmos

I wanna tell them back

that I am in love

for the fumes

will tell them

I am in love

melting in fumes

for the love they emit

they emit the love in skies

through the light it comes

and I trap as much as I can

to give him

my man

all my love

the fruits you grow

the fruits of love

oh my cosmos, I absorb them well

to keep melting more and more as candles

in the temple of our love

to sparkle in desire

the fumes I give back

the golden and brown

the red and yellow

the blue and grey

the purple and green

thy dance in the sky

when we love

the fumes that fly when we love

let them dance

let them go back

let them tell the stars

we are in love

love is all there is up there

not just us

its my friends love too

let us all love

for the glittering space agents

send us love

to be melted by her

by him, her man!

to cherish the feelings of joys

from the gifts from Skies

All the Skies

To the fumes I send back

All I melt to

The love I got from him

The fruits of love that we ate from up above

For love we spread

For love we live

To the fumes I go

back to tell

To tell the universe

Love is there

All around us!

To the skies as red, blue, green ..

white, yellow……and sparkles

All the fumes in all its scents

In the mornings and evenings

in the passionate nights

and desperate days

To fumes I am melting

Let me melt

To fumes I am turning

To be fumes of scent is my desire

To be fumes of beauty is my dream

To be fumes of brightness is my ambition

To be fumes of love is my ultimate aim

Fumes of my love for my man

Fumes of her love for him

Fumes made by melting

the love bubbles in me

Melting like candles in me

I want to melt in his love

To beautiful fumes I want to see

Our love in skies

Melt me like a candle

The candle is in my heart

Oh my love

Melt me –melt the candle in my heart

To Fumes of beauty

To fumes of love

To fumes of desire

To fumes of passion

Up in sky

Lets see them there——–

Our love

Their love

Everyone’s love

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Like a red rose bud

I open my feathers

Like a scented morning

I lie up in roses

I look like rose

I smell of rose

I glow like rose

When its you –I am with

Roses roses all around me

I have rose

Air has Rose

Land has Rose

Sky has Rose

All colored roses

All around me

When it is you— I m in love with

The dew on my rosed body

makes me shy

My lips turns blood red

And thousand more rose grow all around me

Each new bud define a new love

Our every new talk is a another new love

a new petal, a new rose

an unexplored feeling

an unconquered emotion

a cherished desire

Between you and me

Between Me and you

I change my color

To the shades of red

To the shades of pink

For all the shades of love

That our love shines in

And when you attract me

Through the petals

I spread my rose scent

Wherever they fall

Put some petals in a crystal glass

The rose water

Feel the taste

Feel the scent

Feel the touch on any rose

Feel me — I am your rose

I am your red rose when I blush in front of you

I am your pink rose when you touch me

I am your golden rose when you smell me

I am peach when you preach me

I am blue when you speak

I am white rose when we you say you love me

And I am a colorful rose when we one for eternity

Put me in water

Let my petals spread

Let me shine back

The lights of our love to the world below the water

And one over it

Let my petals fly in air

Let my wings flow with river

Let me fly

Just don’t let me dry

Let me blossom

Let them come

From butterflies to bees

To make some honey

For you to taste

The taste of my buds

The touch of my petals

They all will be with you

For times to come

Like a rose I shine

When you see me

In my reflection

In me

In the mirror

You adore me

Send this love in the world behind the mirror you look in

You will always find a rose

A red rose

A yellow rose

And all colors of rose possbile

As out love grows

They are the shades of love

They shades of us

They are my shades

They are your shades

They are the shades of our love

The petals are our love

Let them fly

To all the distant places

Let they know

We are in love

As long as we love

These roses will tell our tales

the tales our of stories

Our love and desires

Of the pains and sorrows

We went to

But love never said No

The happiness and joy

The laughs and cries

The sun and moon

The mornings and daylights

The nights and evenings

All tell the tales

Till we love

Like a rose we ll love

Like a rose we ll live

We shine in love

Till we grow again

With the petals we spread

All the love me make

All the joy we share

We share through the water we touch

Through the air we breathe

I am a rose

be my petal

Lets be in love

Petal over petal

Bud under bud

Be one rose from two

And shine in love

In all the colors of rose

Till we become all colored rose

Be it vibrant

Be it earthy

All colors

That reflect our shades of love

Like a rose we love

Like a rose we spread our love

Wherever the petals go

wherever the stories take

Like a rose I shine in your love

Like a rose we love

Like one rose we are one

Full and complete

Is our love

Like a rose we loved

Like a rose we love

Like a rose we ll love

For the times that went by

And for the times that comes by

Like a rose I love you

Like a rose you love me

In all the colors of our love

In all the shades of light

Like a rose we love

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Loving you In Imagination to Reality

Loving you In Imagination to Reality

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You are not near

And my love won’t stop by stopping

I love you in my imaginations

Which is a mystery space, a mystic place

Ever since all my beginnings

On all forms of the warmth–

I love you in this beautiful world of my imagination

You are not here

But distance doesn’t matter,

for those who love

I love you in there every night–

through the tunnels to all the new beginnings

Who says you can’t love in dreams

I love you in my dreamlands

for all the reasons possible

In my dreams,

I adore you

for all the high and low shots

You may feel or not

but I feel it,

When I hug you

In my thoughts in deep sleep

on all the surfaces

You may not hear it, when I call you

Look there in my imagination—

I fall down on to your feet’s

Until doors blocking my voice to you opens up

You may not talk to me now,

But I call to you in that mystery place

And in my imagination,

I will love you—

till the meaning of end changes to start

till the meaning of separation changes to union

Yes,  you would be loved forever in this place

There, I love you beyond  explanations

Beyond temptation

And much ahead of time

And here,

I will make my imagination a reality,

To stay with us forever…………

One day

Yes One day—-It will be a reality

A reality to live forever

In this world from that world……

And from that world to this

Which will be one–One day


Loving you In Imagination to Reality

I am Loving you In Imagination to Reality

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Endless Wait
this wait seems endless
there is an end to every story
but for me it is an endless story….

I run in the lands of aspirations, pray in river of faiths and I ask for you from the valley of desires for the oceans of inspirations boost my trust
I search here and there, everywhere
for you
and you are not here yet

i can feel your force
but you are hiding i heard it well from clouds of inspiration, a better wait means the best rewards
i take it like that on these solo paths, not afraid, not lonely, not needy, but need your love to enrich my every heart beat
Not tired but your company will change my world… you can hide in a cave or forest…….. wherever you are
One day we will meet and this will be forever for i have heard from the snow that waiting is worth thousand pains

i can feel your attraction
i can walk a million more miles and my spirit never loses hopes of you, searching you for
miles and miles
i can walk, run or fly in the skies of hopes
And sing for you in the galaxy of stars
for I have to find you my love

There may be turmoil’s, be it any,
i will ask them to be kind from the clouds of dreams, and direct them meet you

there may be whirlwind
I would ask the sands of courage to take me to you,
you can pacify it Man,
there may come a typhoon But I won’t stop, as the flowing water taught me to keep going
The rain drops asked me
what I look for
I tell them my perfect Man, my  Man , my Man send by God

This Endless Wait
this wait seems endless
there is an end to every story, but mine is an endless story with you
I want you my Man, the one send for me by God
please bring an end to this wait
I know you shall bring this to a happy beginning to my endless story
for I believe in my GOD
and so I believe in you…

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