LoveBook2. Some words to speak, before the sunset

Here is the song in my own voice, some words to speak before the sunset. Sorry it’s not on YouTube yet as I don’t know how to covert the audio file to mp4, via a virus free free software. This song, I spoke with of headphone this time, and recorded it on my phone. TheContinue reading “LoveBook2. Some words to speak, before the sunset”

LoveBook 5, Song 1, Shaken By Your Love

Here is my 1st song from my LoveBook 5, sung in my own voice, music direction by me only. All in half hour. Given I am always so busy. My voice may seem bit different in each song, as a kid I used to make exact replica voices of many popular movie actors as well,Continue reading “LoveBook 5, Song 1, Shaken By Your Love”

Pains Book: Song 6. Your Love was Malevolence

Here is song 6 of my book Pains, the third Poem Book. Title of Song is “Your Love was Malevolence” This is sung by me in my voice, all on my own. YouTube Link is here of song in my own voice: Your Love Was Malevolence Enmity of heart Is embedded in you It wasContinue reading “Pains Book: Song 6. Your Love was Malevolence”

Book Pains, song 3, named “Hurt”, in my voice..

Here is the song in my voice, sorry it’s pain filled. At times it pains too badly. This book is available online. Here is the YouTube link: ********** Pains pain But I have the will to fight the pain For all I know is to love ********** Hurt Hurt. You know what it is HowContinue reading “Book Pains, song 3, named “Hurt”, in my voice..”

Call Me, through Stars and Moons, My Song

Here is my third poem from my first book, sung in my own voice, subscribe to my YouTube Hobby channel for more… Call me, Call me baby Through the echoing voice Through the woods and roads Call Me Through the bubbles in water Call me Call me baby call me I am waiting, call meContinue reading “Call Me, through Stars and Moons, My Song”

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Wishing all a very Happy Valentines Day. I took 30 minutes time to sing my first song in my first Poem Book. The song is titled Rose, Like a Rose I love. The book is available online. The poem is here, sung in my own voice today. And below is the complete text for youContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone”

That is my life, A Spiritual Rainbow

This world is but materialistic desire for many But I have no materialistic desires But I say Your story can be different Your aspirations can be high, believe You can make the spiritual sun like glow even from raw mud This mud can be the basic work Say with me, Yes I don’t have realContinue reading “That is my life, A Spiritual Rainbow”