Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI–has overgrown from the field of Computer Science and other allied sciences. Its name kept well to suit all the needs and was well proposed in 1950s. Here, I discuss with you some of my key areas of specialties in the field of AI which you can consult me for.]

  • Fuzzy Logic & Fuzzy Reasoning
  • Evolutionary Computations
  • Rough Sets & Applications
  • Feature Reduction & Selection
  • Applications
  • Human Computer Interactions
  • Robotics
  • Blogs


Technical Articles

  1. AI: Sentiment Analysis and Fuzzy Sets based Summarization Technique —- Research based Approach (sample explanation with Python)
  2. Support Vector Machine based feature selection using PSO and GA, some research and analysis on popular datasets
  3. Deep Learning and AI Based Systems to Detect Climate Calamities Before Occurrence and Raising Alarm When Needed
  4. Fuzzy Rough Set Span based Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation
  5. More here: Blogs

General AI based Blogs


Previous Significant Research by Researchers in Area of Artificial Intelligence

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