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Here you will find my blogs on food recipes, experiences on delicacies and more….

Caution: if you are new to these spices or ingredients PLEASE check if it SUITS you. These are recipes which I use for my personal consumptions.

Fruit Pudding – In Dry-Fruit Sause

In Dry-Fruit Cream, Carrot-Fruit Pudding

Mousse in Berry Cream and Fruits Cream with No Milk Cream

PeaNuts/Dry-fruit based Ice Cream or Puddings with No Milk Products – 15 minutes

Peanut Curry/Sause

The Rose Cake or Rose Pie or Rose Muffins – What should it be called ? [Caution: Check if you can consume Rose ]

Green Sauce With Boiled Eggs

Steaming Hot White Noodles With Sause of Various Colors – 4 steps – 5 minutes


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